Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Telkom and ADSL

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. With that in mind, I also think that people should know about shoddy service so that it can get fixed up.

My ADSL router/modem has been giving me trouble for a couple of days and I needed to replace it. I found this out after calling the ADSL help line, 0800 375 375. Very nice people helped me out, the best one was Daniella. She knew her stuff and helped me through all of my issues. My real problem here was the wait before speaking to a human being. Each call was a 20 minute wait. This is not good enough. To me, 5 minutes is long, 10 bad and 20 is just unaccepable. Hire new staff, TELKOM!!!

My 2nd issue is the swop out. I went to the Clearwater branch of Telkom to replace the faulty modem/router. I hate going into a shop and not being greeted by the staff. One was working on his PC while the other seemed to be studying flies on the ceiling behind her desk. I had to make the 1st move which is not good service.

While telling the lady that I would like to swop my machine, her phone rang, AND SHE PICKED IT UP!!! HEY, I am here. So I move to the next guy. He tells me that they have no stock.
I ask when they will have stock and he tells me that he doesn't know and he can't find out for me. WHAT? So I ask him how he will solve his costomer's problem of no ADSL modem and he gives me the "thousand yard stare".

Eventually I suggest to him to find out if another branch might have a router/modem and he thinks that that is a great idea. I eventually had to drive 30 minutes to fetch a new one from Westgate who were great and attentive to the people paying thier salary.

Solutions? Train staff on costomer relations. It's easy, the customer is king. If you don't like people, get another job.

Come on Telkom, you were doing so well.

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