Thursday, May 04, 2006

Google Romance (Now Google control everything)

So, you sad and pathetic web surfer. If it were not for Google, yuo wouldn't have found this site unless you are the one person that hit here from MSN. Maybe next year Microsoft will rule again, but for now Google controls our lives. This blog is thanks to Google, my mail is thanks to Google, my income is thanks to Google and my news is thanks to Google. In fact, in a year or so from now, I think that you will be able to type anyting you like before and you will hit on something. sounds like a fun place to visit. Don't click on it you moron.

Now my love life could be thanks to Google. That's right. There are obviously a few very lonely people at the Google Campus and one or two of them thought that starting a dating search would be a little fun. You search for porn using Google, why not some real action?

Google Romance has a sweet name to it, don't you think? It's still in Beta but if I know Google, and you can bet that they know me, this should work really well. Thier searches match what you want most of the time, now it just works on people.

Are people as easy to sift through and catagarise as web pages, graphics and films? Wait and see or try it yourself.

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