Friday, May 26, 2006

i-mate™ launches Direct Push Technology for mobile devices

I-mate™ has announced the availability of a push email upgrade for all its Windows Mobile™ 5.0 devices .The upgrade is available locally from the Leaf Wireless website, as part the new ROM upgrade, which is downloadable from the site.

The upgrade – in connection with Microsoft® Exchange 2003 Server Pack 2 – delivers the same experience as other push email systems but without the expense of an additional relay server and extra client licences required by many third-party systems. This quick upgrade is available for i-mate™ SP5 , i-mate™ K-JAM, i-mate™ JASJAR and the new i-mate™ JAMin.

Microsoft® Direct Push Technology allows business users to access their email anywhere, anytime through real-time synchronization between i-mate™ devices and Microsoft® Office Outlook®. The service provides users with a very familiar email environment to access not only new email messages, pushed directly to the user’s i-mate™ device as soon as they reach the server, but also their calendar, contacts and tasks.

The new Messaging & Security Feature Pack (MSFP) means that businesses can now securely mobilise their workforce with no extra investment in their existing infrastructure. Newly manufactured i-mate™ devices are now shipping with this embedded upgrade.

i-mate™ Windows Mobile® powered devices give users an edge when opening and editing Microsoft® Office Mobile® documents such as Word and Excel® Mobile and viewing important PowerPoint® Mobile presentations on the move.

According to the Radicati Group*, Microsoft Exchange Server is forecast to increase its market share by a further 20% globally by 2009 due to its increasing scalability and hosted licensing model. This will position Exchange as the de-facto industry standard.

Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile® 5.0 will work with the company’s existing email provider on all i-mate™ form factors - Smartphones such as the i-mate™ SP5 , slider keyboard messaging devices such as the i-mate™ K-JAM and Pocket PCs such as the i-mate™ JAMin and i-mate™ JASJAR - to suit the personal preferences of different individuals within the company.

The technology explained
Enhanced Outlook® Mobile Experience

End users will have access to a wide range of business information through the following new features:
  • Windows Mobile® direct push technology. Outlook data — including e-mail messages, calendar and contact information, and new support for Tasks — is pushed directly from Exchanger Server 2003 to the i-mate™, providing users with immediate access to Outlook information. There is no need for the additional server infrastructure required by other solutions on the market.
  • Wireless support for contact information. Support for the ability to look up global address list (GAL) information stored on Exchange Server 2003 over the air, enables business users to access full contact details of co-workers on their i-mate™. The feature is broadly integrated throughout the phone dialler, contacts, calendar and inbox applications, providing users with a consistent, productive messaging experience

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