Friday, May 12, 2006

So you want to create your own web site?

So blogging has become a little boring and you want to expand and build your world wide web empire? You have no idea what to do? Then log onto
A free tutorial via the web or e-mail will take you through the 11 steps, they think, you will need to create a great website.

It's free, which is fantastic, and the best way to keep it free is to click on thier sponsors links every now and again, and who knows, you might need a product or two. is an interesting site as many places promise to help you build sites but Keywords write it in such a manner that even I can understand it. Simple things like layout and design to Optimizing graphics and copyright issues.

It's not an HTML tutor or flash design site, it's good, clear and simple advise for people like you and ME (fixed thanks to Roy).


Roy Blumenthal said...

I think you mean, 'It's good, simple ADVICE for people like you and ME.'

Heheheheheheheh. Who's a pedant?

Blue skies

Jon Gericke said...

Fixed, thanks Roy.

In case you don't know, Roy is my SUB.....