Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It takes a Brave Man

It takes a brave man to rip apart other blogs. It seems as if someone is ready to stand up and get some links to his site. How long before people start submitting thier blogs to be ripped apart. Domkop might be just that or he will get bored. Already, he is being flamed by a couple of the biggest blogs in South Africa.

What makes the whole issue interesting is the fact that Domkop's site isn't something to write home about. He is using someone else's creativity and effort to create a blog that simply tells people what is bad. That's easy. Now tell people how to get better.

It's a site worth reading, though, and it might even rip this site apart soon too. Here is hoping.


the salami from killarney said...

Whoa! Splattermail has had no interaction to date with this Domkop blog of yours. But we appreciate your acknowledgment that we are one of the "biggest blogs". Very sweet of you to say so.

Ag, this Domkop guy is using a very cheap trick: piss other people off to draw attention to yourself. And clearly its working. Otherwise, its a rather unimpressive blog all round.

Jon Gericke said...

Sorry about the incorrect fact. I meant to code to ChumpStyle, but my fingers just automatically typed your address in.

Thanks for pointing out the issue.

I was in two minds as to whether I should mention Domkop at all, but I thought it would start an interesting debate. How good do you have to be before you can critisis others.

Wezzo said...

I don't know if you noticed but the lad also had another blog, which was mostly about his relationship with God. He suddenly deleted yesterday after Relluctant Nomad posted the link in his comments (and ours). The chap backtracking big time, and I don't give more than 3 months before he turns his latest venture in.