Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LG introduces 42 inch LCD DVR TV to the South African Market

Global leader in digital television, LG Electronics, is set to launch its new and innovative 42 inch ‘Time Machine’ LCD TV: 42LC2RR. The multi-functional 42 inch LCD TV with the time traveling function will be launched throughout the Middle East & Africa in the spring of 2006.

LG recently successfully launched the 42 inch LCD TV with time traveling function in the Korean market and it is leading a big business with a new digital trend according to ‘the laws of plus 5 inch’. This propensity indicates the obvious tendency to buy 5 inches more of the LCD TV screen size in view of the size of the consumer’s living room.

This has in turn allowed LG to saturate the global market, standing on 37-42-47 inch LCD TVs which are 5 inches larger than the flagship product base on 32 inch LCD TVs, which are considered a worldwide standard. In fact, the 37-42-47 inch LCD TVs have an excellent lead in the global market share with those of the competitors’ 40-46 inch LCD TVs.

The LG Time Machine TV is also referred to as a 37/42 inch HD-ready LCD TV for ‘traveling through time’ with BUILT-IN a Digital Video Recorder. With this revolutionary function, viewers can stop live broadcasting anytime they wish. Users have the ability to pause, rewind and replay live TV, skip commercials or other sections of programs, watch shows without missing a scene and watch them indefinitely.

Just like LG Time Machine plasma TV with built-in DVR (42PC1RR), the 42-inch HD Ready LCD TV (42LC2RR) with built-in DVR has the ‘Time Shift’ function’ that automatically starts to record TV program for 1 hour whenever the television is switched on or the channel is changed. This means that users can pause and rewind live TV to search the exact scene they’ve just missed. It is very useful to watch fast moving scenes such as football games and action movies.

Moreover, with 80 GB HDD, the user can instantly or manually record their favourite TV programmes as well as external content like from a DVD player or a set top box of up to 40 hours with basic quality or 20 hours with high quality. This way viewers won’t have to the decision of which programme to watch at any given time, while two shows are being broadcast simultaneously. The LG Time Machine TV with built-in DVR is much simpler and easier when compared to complex separate external HDD DVR devices. The priority given to this product was to improve user convenience, connecting freely with peripheral devices through digital interface and share contents with other devices.

When compared to the ‘TiVo-box’, a portable storage device with external HDD, it was spotlighted as a piece of equipment able to keep various contents in storage and play the recording programmes at a later stage. However, for HD sources it was legally restricted to record and play HD contents through an external HDD. In light of this, LG has the confidence that built-in DVR will be adequate for HG contents rather than the external DVR. Moreover, in terms of user convenience, the built-in DVR has made the installation and cable connection easier and simpler comparing to the difficult and complex experience with external equipment. With one remote control, all the functions can be controlled, from normal watching to the recording of various programmes.

After initiating this development, it has been 2 years since the first TV with built-in DVR was launched in the world. The reason for this was that it was difficult not only to assemble HDD within the plasma or LCD TV sets (which are less than 14 cm thick), but to operate HDD smoothly and without collision with the other core chips. Also, HDD will eliminate heat and noise. Thanks to endless research and development to overcome these obstacles, LG has succeeded in producing the current HD-ready plasma TV with built-in DVR.

With this innovative and creative product, LG is expecting to boost its sales and enhance premium images for any doting sports enthusiast. If one does not want to miss any of matches, the built-in DVR TV will be optimal choice. With the DVR built-in TV, users can enjoy every match with no worry to miss any of important scenes. Viewers can simply use the ‘Time Shift’ function, search for the exact scene they have missed and replay the programme at a later stage. After checking out of the recorded programme, the viewer can also switch back to live TV and go to the past scene.

According to Mr. James Tae, Managing Director of LG South Africa, “LG will lead the market for 40-inch or larger flat-panel TVs by maintaining its strong competitiveness on cost and technology. We will keep our spot as the number one plasma panel maker this year and become the largest LCD TV maker in 2008.”


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