Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Solar Heating - How do you benefit?

I love stuff that works. I love stuff that saves the planet, so I love Solar stuff that does both. here are some reasons why...

Despite growing shortages in the supply of electricity and gas, Eskom and the Department of Minerals & Energy are still not informing the public regarding the immediate availability and benefits of renewable alternatives.

Here are the facts regarding the immediate benefits Solar Water Heating offers the consumer:

FACT: A correctly sized solar water heater can save more than 40% of the energy needs of an average South African home.

FACT: Financing a solar water heater through a home loan will result in a positive cash-flow of between R200 - R300 per month.

FACT: A correctly sized solar water heater will guarantee hot water supply during periods of electricity shortages.

FACT: If all new houses in South Africa were to be fitted with solar water heaters, the current energy crisis could have been entirely avoided.

FACT: Many enlightened governments worldwide are working proactively through legislation to promote the use of solar water heating in their respective countries. The South African government is dragging its feet in implementation due to Eskom’s deadly grip.

FACT: The additional cost of installing a solar water heater in a new house is only R5,000. The recovery of this cost through savings will take approximately 18 months.

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