Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First fringAdd-on applications add new internet dimension to mobile platform

fring has released the first fringAdd-ons, a selection of new applications designed to enrich the experience of fring’s mobile internet service and community which allows its users to talk, chat & interact with other fringsters and their popular online services from their mobile phones.

The first fringAdd-ons include a handy mobile version of social networks, video streaming and email notification applications directly from within fring. First examples provide fringsters with connectivity to Facebook and to Google’s social network Orkut, enabling continuous, real-time updates of all the key developments in your Facebook and Orkut accounts, Google Gmail notifier, alerting you to all your incoming Gmail messages and VTap the great new mobile video search and streaming service. The release of these early fringAdd-ons give fringsters a taste of new, fun way to enjoy & experience the internet on-the-go from any supported mobile device, simply with the latest version of fring and a data plan from a network provider.

fring-Add-ons are completely free of charge to activate and are integrated into fring, complementing the existing communication features and utilising its always-connected mobile internet capability to provide instant, hassle-free interactive access to pre-selected internet services. And because fring is, always-connected, fringAdd-ons provide real-time, two-way experiences, enabling fringsters to remain more connected than ever before and get even more out of taking their online world mobile with fring.

To activate the new fringAdd-ons, fringsters simply need to subscribe to their selected fringAdd-ons from the new “Manage Add-ons” menu.

Once selected, the fringAdd-on applications appear as familiar icons in the fringster’s Contact List. The “Manage Add-ons” menu will be continually updated and new fringAdd-ons will automatically appear in the Menu as they become available.

fringAdd-ons can be created under the recently released fringAPI by any web developer with a basic knowledge of XML/PHP , by visiting the developer zone at developers.fring.com. Third party developers will be able to publish their completed Add-ons to the new fring catalogue within a few weeks.

Avi Shechter, co-founder and CEO of fring comments: “The release of fringAdd-ons represents a natural and exciting step in the evolution of fring, designed to bring the richest user experience possible and put all of the fringster’s communication and mobile internet needs into one place with functionality and useful features that are fun, enjoyable and easy to use. We look forward to rolling out new fringAdd-ons developed by third parties and independent developers to enrich the experience even further as soon as they become available.”

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