Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nike/Apple wire shoes up to the digital coach

The Sunday Times ran an article today about the new Nike/iPod team. Seems like a great idea, except for the cable running up your leg while you run 42.2km! Might be worth the money though, if you don't already have a GPS, Heart Rate Monitor and all the other toys that any repectable runner should already have! Have a look though....

GOING for a run or working out at the gym is going to be a lot more fun — and a lot more interesting — thanks to sportswear powerhouse Nike and Apple Computer.

The two iconic brands have teamed up to unveil a line of running shoes that will “talk” to an iPod nano digital music player, recording information and monitoring the user’s workout.

Users will be able to access the pace, distance and time of their run as well as the number of calories burned via a sensor — called the Nike+iPod Sport Kit — placed inside the shoes that communicates with the iPod.

It will be much like having a personal coach keeping track of, and relaying, vital information, according to Nike chief executive Mark Parker.

My only problem with this whole article is that Nike sent Adele Shevel on a trip to find out about the shoes and the iPod but the best Sports Announcer in South Africa wasn't. Also, the technology writer of one of the best Tech Blogs in South Africa knows nothing about them and the science and technology announcer on SAfm also knows nothing about them. Well done Nike on doing nothing for a product that no one really wants.

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