Thursday, May 11, 2006

Need a bit of external storage? How does 1.5 terabytes of monster drive connected via firewire sound?

Holy cow. Here's an external drive that'll get video editors frothing! Not to mention hardcore music download addicts!

This harddrive offers you a whopping 1.5 terabytes with a 32MB data buffer, clad in an aluminium enclosure to keep it all safe and snug on your desk. All for the wet-dream price of just US$1150!

I'll take two of them please.

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Jon Gericke said...

Roy, I am playing with the new Maxtor, One Touch III Turbo Edition. It's only one Terrabyte but it's a dream! As soon as I get more on it and have played with it for a while, you can expect a review here on The Technology Circle.

So far it's easy to use, plug it in and it works. And speaking of FAST!!!! Backup of my 45gigs of info took around 30 minutes! I love it so far.