Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The new iPhone

It's just not right, while most of the World's Techno blogs and sites and journos are in LAs Vegas for CES, I sit here in Johannesburg and drool over the new toys.
It's also not right that we sad poor little South Africans will be lucky to see these things at all, let alone before the rest of the world.
The two biggest things over the last year were the maybe yes, maybe no launch of the Google Phone and the iPhone from Apple. The latter had finally made it into the real world and Gizmodo have the details.
Funny thing from them is why would Apple have a demo of a music phone without headphones? Also, haven't Nokia been doing this for 2 years already and all of the other phone makers? What makes Apple think that they can better something that is already out there?
Also, for us low lives that have no access to the iTunes store, why would I want to spend the dosh on a new iPhone?

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