Thursday, May 11, 2006

I got a mail from Albert today, or maybe some time this week. Albert has started an interesting site for you to go shopping. Albert is one of very few South Africans that is actually trying to make money off of the Internet, instead of just putting up a brouucher of sorts.

Good luck to him and everything that stands for.

South African consumers now have an online shopping Search Engine at their
disposal. Jump Internet Technologies (, launched the online
Shopping Search Engine with the consumer in mind. The consumers are now able to
search for their favorite products at one place and in doing so Jump Shopping
will redirect them to the most appropriate e-commerce website in South
Africa.Does this mean Jump Shopping will be able to tell the consumer the best
price at the best store? The answer to this is one big YES.With the online
retail in South Africa now standing on more than R500m per annum, Online
Shopping is clearly an area that needs focus and direction. Jump Shopping took
the bold step of bringing all the stores together in one place, and in doing so,
assisting consumers with better shopping direction and buying power.


Anonymous said...

Found a similar site:

Anonymous said...

but looking at it seems as if their is a big difference between the two websites.