Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Symantec issues patch for recently-discovered flaw

Symantec has released a patch for a flaw that leaves computers vulnerable to attack, just days after it was reported by internet security experts eEye Digital Security.

Remarkably, it only took Symantec 5 days to issue a full patch, although an eEye Digital spokesperson estimated to Pocket-lint it could take 1 to 2 months for a security update to be available.

The security update contains files to patch a stack overflow in Symantec Client Security 3.0 and 3.1 and AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0 and 10.1. At the moment, only English versions of the patch are available, although localised versions should be available soon.

Home PC users of Symantec's anti-virus software need not worry about the flaw, as the Norton range does not have the bug.

The security update is available at

Nokia Nseries enters the digital home with Nokia N80

Optimised for both work and play, the small WLAN-enabled Nokia N80 is the world's first UPnP handset

With convergence becoming almost elementary in mobile handsets, Nokia introduces the N80, the first ever handset to enable seamless home networking between compatible TVs, audio systems and PCs. The Nokia N80 reflects and harmonizes work and personal life through leading on-the-go productivity tools, multimedia entertainment and mobile photography in a design that communicates success. Weighing only 134 grams, the compact yet feature-rich 3G multimedia device is packed with performance, providing fast internet access and convenient intuitive browsing.

"The technology leadership of Nokia’s Nseries comes together in the Nokia N80,” says Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president, Multimedia - Nokia, “The Nokia N80 offers people a new, unparalleled experience of enjoying media in the comfort of their homes. Comprising the functionality of a highly advanced multimedia computer, the Nokia N80 empowers people to pursue professional goals and personal passions with equal fervor."

Multimedia connectivity in the Digital Home

With simple to use yet advanced UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology, the pioneering Nokia N80 can be used to tap into the digital home network, acting almost as a remote control. Consequently, images and videos stored on the Nokia N80 or a compatible PC can be viewed wirelessly on the living room TV, while listening to music stored on the device through the living room audio system. Printing is now faster too, as Nokia N80 users can print wirelessly to any compatible UPnP-enabled home printer or printing kiosk.

Advanced, high speed internet in your pocket

Nokia N80 is the first quadband handset designed to work on 3G (WCDMA 1900 or 2100), WLAN, EDGE and four GSM bands (850/900/1800/1900), enabling broadband access from virtually anywhere on the planet. Incorporating the latest productivity functions in addition to 3G and EDGE data connectivity, people can use the Nokia N80 at public WLAN hotspots around the world to access the internet and send large emails or upload high quality images to an online service. Additionally, the Nokia N80 supports the new Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map, featuring a semi-transparent zoomed-out overall view of the web page, which enables users to intuitively navigate all corners as well as see the web site as it was originally designed. With the experience further heightened by the device's superior high definition display (352 x 416 pixels, up to 262,144 colors), which incorporates 90% more pixels than QVGA displays commonly found on smartphones and PDAs, the Nokia N80 also incorporates MPEG4 AVC decoding support for high quality video streaming.

High quality photos and videos in just a snap

With great ergonomics for image capture, the Nokia N80 is also an excellent mobile photography device for capturing, collecting and sharing moments and memories. In addition to incorporating a 3 megapixel camera with capture key for fast and stable camera activation, the Nokia N80 also features CIF video capture with inbuilt video stabilisation. Moreover, the Nokia N80 incorporates large internal memory of up to 40 MB, which can be further expanded with a miniSD card of up to 2 GB, allowing users to store up to 1000 high quality images on the device.

Your choice of music on the go

Supporting a wide range of digital music formats, the Nokia N80 boasts a digital music player as well as stereo FM radio and support for Visual Radio, which provides listeners with a richly interactive information channel, including information on the song and artist currently playing.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future

TechEBlog is running a story on the 10 Strangest Gadgets that we will be playing with in the future. I love the glass, see-through, toaster. Just a pity that it doesn't work.

It seems as if the future is all about gaming and virtual reality....

eTrex Venture Cx – Pocket sized mapping for the new generation

Garmin International Inc. is pleased to announce the arrival of a new entry level GPS navigator. The eTrex Venture Cx is a pocket sized, handheld mapping device with a bright sunlight readable colour TFT display, built in GPS patch antenna and up to 32 hours of battery life using two standard AA alkaline batteries.

Weighing in at around 160 grams, the unit measures just 5.6cm wide and 10.6cm high, and is only 3cm thick, making it the ideal travelling companion for those on the move. With a large 3.3cm by 4.3cm transflective 256 colour TFT screen and LED backlit display and keypad, the eTrex will ensure that maps are always visible, no matter what the lighting conditions.

The eTrex incorporates 500 user waypoint capability, audible alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off course and clock, and a large numbers option for easy viewing. A trip computer provides odometer, stopped time, moving average, overall average, total time, maximum speed and so on.

The eTrex is compatible with most MapSource products, including BlueChart, City Navigator and Garmap Streetmaps Version 3, and also comes with built in celestial tables for best times to fish and hunt, as well as sun and moon calculations.

Retailing at R2600, the eTrex is the perfect entry level Garmin GPS navigational device for those, on land and at sea, in the city or the country, who hate the idea of getting lost. Mapping software and MicroSD are sold separately.

For further information, please contact Dealer Sales Queries or call 0861 GARMIN / 0861 427646

Maxtor Onetouch III Turbo Edition

For the last couple of weeks, I have been playing with the Maxtor 1Terrabyte Onetouch. Why Onetouch? It has a button in front of the drive. When switched on and plugged into your machine, all you have to do is push the buton and the entire PC is backed up. The WHOLE THING!!!

You can set the included software to backup at specific times if you wish and you can do it manually, of course. The button is a little gimicy, but that's why I like it.

The drive itself is not small but it is still portable enough to move around to save in a safe place or move large files around. The drive comes with 1 USB port, 1 Firewire 400 port and 2 Firewire 800 ports. It supports both Macs and PC's and is mainly designed for people using video or audio in thier everyday work, like editors or photographers.

To really test the drive, I backed up my PC and all the music from a small community radio station here in Johannesburg. No problem. The music played right off the drive and while I was doing that, I was moving files around to test the read and write speed. No problems at all.

The included software is easy to install and run and you don't really have to think about it once it is installed. Backups can be scheduled or when something on your drive changes. Backup happens without slowing your PC down at all.

I mentioned the portablility but one design flaw is the drive stands end-on. I am sure that you can out it down as you expect, but it's not really made to do it. I love the new Maxtor Onetouch III Turbo Edition....

Capacity 1000GB
Cache Buffer 16MB
Spin Rate 7200RPM
IEEE 1394b (up to 800 Mbits/sec)
IEEE 1394a
and SPB-2 Compliant (100 to 400 Mbits/sec)
USB 1.1 Compatible (12 to 480 Mbits/sec)

Solar Heating - How do you benefit?

I love stuff that works. I love stuff that saves the planet, so I love Solar stuff that does both. here are some reasons why...

Despite growing shortages in the supply of electricity and gas, Eskom and the Department of Minerals & Energy are still not informing the public regarding the immediate availability and benefits of renewable alternatives.

Here are the facts regarding the immediate benefits Solar Water Heating offers the consumer:

FACT: A correctly sized solar water heater can save more than 40% of the energy needs of an average South African home.

FACT: Financing a solar water heater through a home loan will result in a positive cash-flow of between R200 - R300 per month.

FACT: A correctly sized solar water heater will guarantee hot water supply during periods of electricity shortages.

FACT: If all new houses in South Africa were to be fitted with solar water heaters, the current energy crisis could have been entirely avoided.

FACT: Many enlightened governments worldwide are working proactively through legislation to promote the use of solar water heating in their respective countries. The South African government is dragging its feet in implementation due to Eskom’s deadly grip.

FACT: The additional cost of installing a solar water heater in a new house is only R5,000. The recovery of this cost through savings will take approximately 18 months.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nike/Apple wire shoes up to the digital coach

The Sunday Times ran an article today about the new Nike/iPod team. Seems like a great idea, except for the cable running up your leg while you run 42.2km! Might be worth the money though, if you don't already have a GPS, Heart Rate Monitor and all the other toys that any repectable runner should already have! Have a look though....

GOING for a run or working out at the gym is going to be a lot more fun — and a lot more interesting — thanks to sportswear powerhouse Nike and Apple Computer.

The two iconic brands have teamed up to unveil a line of running shoes that will “talk” to an iPod nano digital music player, recording information and monitoring the user’s workout.

Users will be able to access the pace, distance and time of their run as well as the number of calories burned via a sensor — called the Nike+iPod Sport Kit — placed inside the shoes that communicates with the iPod.

It will be much like having a personal coach keeping track of, and relaying, vital information, according to Nike chief executive Mark Parker.

My only problem with this whole article is that Nike sent Adele Shevel on a trip to find out about the shoes and the iPod but the best Sports Announcer in South Africa wasn't. Also, the technology writer of one of the best Tech Blogs in South Africa knows nothing about them and the science and technology announcer on SAfm also knows nothing about them. Well done Nike on doing nothing for a product that no one really wants.

Friday, May 26, 2006

i-mate™ launches Direct Push Technology for mobile devices

I-mate™ has announced the availability of a push email upgrade for all its Windows Mobile™ 5.0 devices .The upgrade is available locally from the Leaf Wireless website, as part the new ROM upgrade, which is downloadable from the site.

The upgrade – in connection with Microsoft® Exchange 2003 Server Pack 2 – delivers the same experience as other push email systems but without the expense of an additional relay server and extra client licences required by many third-party systems. This quick upgrade is available for i-mate™ SP5 , i-mate™ K-JAM, i-mate™ JASJAR and the new i-mate™ JAMin.

Microsoft® Direct Push Technology allows business users to access their email anywhere, anytime through real-time synchronization between i-mate™ devices and Microsoft® Office Outlook®. The service provides users with a very familiar email environment to access not only new email messages, pushed directly to the user’s i-mate™ device as soon as they reach the server, but also their calendar, contacts and tasks.

The new Messaging & Security Feature Pack (MSFP) means that businesses can now securely mobilise their workforce with no extra investment in their existing infrastructure. Newly manufactured i-mate™ devices are now shipping with this embedded upgrade.

i-mate™ Windows Mobile® powered devices give users an edge when opening and editing Microsoft® Office Mobile® documents such as Word and Excel® Mobile and viewing important PowerPoint® Mobile presentations on the move.

According to the Radicati Group*, Microsoft Exchange Server is forecast to increase its market share by a further 20% globally by 2009 due to its increasing scalability and hosted licensing model. This will position Exchange as the de-facto industry standard.

Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile® 5.0 will work with the company’s existing email provider on all i-mate™ form factors - Smartphones such as the i-mate™ SP5 , slider keyboard messaging devices such as the i-mate™ K-JAM and Pocket PCs such as the i-mate™ JAMin and i-mate™ JASJAR - to suit the personal preferences of different individuals within the company.

The technology explained
Enhanced Outlook® Mobile Experience

End users will have access to a wide range of business information through the following new features:
  • Windows Mobile® direct push technology. Outlook data — including e-mail messages, calendar and contact information, and new support for Tasks — is pushed directly from Exchanger Server 2003 to the i-mate™, providing users with immediate access to Outlook information. There is no need for the additional server infrastructure required by other solutions on the market.
  • Wireless support for contact information. Support for the ability to look up global address list (GAL) information stored on Exchange Server 2003 over the air, enables business users to access full contact details of co-workers on their i-mate™. The feature is broadly integrated throughout the phone dialler, contacts, calendar and inbox applications, providing users with a consistent, productive messaging experience


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The Garmin iQue M4

I have a new best friend and it is my Garmin iQue M4. I call her 'M'. 'M' never tells me that I made a wrong turn, she never critisises me if I don't stop for a bathroom break and, best of all, I never have to stop for directions as 'M' knows exactly where I am going. OK, sometimes 'M' will send me off onto a wrong street or a dead end and once she even tried to send me through a shopping mall in Pretoria but after a little turn here and a u-turn there, she recalculated my route and I was back in action.

Who is 'M' you ask? She is one of the many many voices you can put into the Garmin iQue M4. 'M' can be French, German or even Italian. She can be male or female, American or British. All you really need to know is that 'M' is the voice inside my GPS unit from Garmin and she is mostly right. Not always, as I said, but mostly.

The iQue M4 is a PDA with a GPS inside. The same size as your average Palm but in full colour and with Windows, so everything you have will work without tweeks, changes and conversions.
Using the system is very easy, as soon as I picked it up, it just seemed right. Programming destinations from enetering the address or finding it on the browsable map was simple too. The whole of South Africa is covered but I was based only in Gauteng so I am not sure about detail in the rest of the country.

I would have liked to be able to update the maps off the web. Streets in JHB are changing every day, what with name changes and closures, and being able to simply plug the unit in when I update the calender and mails would have been great.

Speaking of updating. Because the M4 is a PDA, all of your appointments can be put into the unit, including the venue, and the unit directs you there while you are in the car. The unit charges while driving with the charger that is included. USB cable is included as is the map for South Africa.

The best acuracy I got was between 4 and 5 metres, which, I am told, is the GPS fault, not the units.

I love my new Garmin. Now maybe I will change her accent tonight....

Monday, May 22, 2006

Trojan hits unpatched Microsoft Word flaw

Security experts have detected a virus that exploits an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word.

The flaw was exploited in at least one targeted attack against a corporation where several individuals received an email with an attached document.

The email's sender information was spoofed to make it look like the message came from inside the organisation.

On opening the document, the user's system is infected by a Trojan that uses a rootkit to hide itself. It then starts collecting information about the system and contacts an internet address outside the company.

Researchers traced the attack to China and Taiwan. "Due to the aggravating circumstances we want to make sure the community is aware of this problem as soon as possible," said a note posted on the Sans Internet Storm Center website.

Microsoft confirmed the vulnerability in a blog posting, saying that the flaw affects Word XP and Word 2003.

Stephen Toulouse, a programme manager at Microsoft, said that the company is working on a patch that is scheduled to be released on 13 June, or sooner if warranted.

Security vendor McAfee labelled the Trojan BackDoor-CKB!cfaae1e6 and rated it low risk.

The malware is noteworthy, however, because it exploits a previously unknown flaw in Word.

Because the Trojan is being used in highly targeted attacks, it allows the attacker to stay off the antivirus vendors' radars.

Original story from

Garmin® StreetPilot® c-Series™ Gets New Features, Functions

Garmin International Inc. has announced that it has expanded its best-selling line of StreetPilot c-series automotive navigators with offerings that include exciting new features. The StreetPilot c500 series was formally unveiled at CeBIT, Europe’s premier electronics trade show, which was held in Hannover, Germany, between 9 and 15 March 2006.

Based on Garmin’s phenomenally popular c300 series, the StreetPilot c500 series is destined to become the new benchmark in easy-to-use, affordable, attractive, and functional navigation. With enhancements like Bluetooth® Wireless Technology with a hands-free calling interface for over 200 applicable mobile phones (c550 only), a bright TFT display, and a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the c500 series solidifies Garmin as the world’s leading innovator of location technology.

John Gallacher, CEO of Avnic Trading, exclusive distributors of the Garmin brand in South Africa, says: “South Africa is an expanding GPS market, as more and more people are starting to take advantage of the technology to get around. The new features of the c500 series are designed to make GPS navigation even more functional and easy-to-use.”

He adds: “The new capabilities demonstrate Garmin’s worldwide commitment to providing customers with integrated navigation devices that exceed anything else available today.”

All versions of the StreetPilot c500 series are equipped with a new high-sensitivity GPS receiver, which acquires a GPS signal quickly and is capable of maintaining a signal in heavy foliage or “urban canyons” created by city skyscrapers. The c500 series also features a brighter, sunlight readable touch-screen display and a slimmer, more refined shape and suction cup mounting bracket, compared to previous versions.

Map data for all units is provided by Garmap™ – the world leader in premium-quality mapping for Africa. All StreetPilot c500 series units also feature configurable vehicle icons, which allow the user to select a fun, customized car-shaped icon – instead of a simple wedge shaped graphic.

For added security, Garmin has developed a theft prevention system for the c500 series. The Garmin Lock™ disables the unit from performing any functions until the user types in a specific 4-digit PIN or takes the unit to a predetermined secure location code. If the user does not know the PIN or secure location, the StreetPilot will be inoperative.

Specific features of the new StreetPilot c550 include Bluetooth® capability with an integrated microphone and dual speakers (with external microphone and stereo output jack) that allow users to place hands-free mobile phone calls when connected to a compatible Bluetooth phone.

Customers can retrieve and dial numbers from their personalised phone book or from the phone’s call history log. A user can also make a call from the StreetPilot c550’s huge points of interest database – which includes hotels, restaurants, stores, and much more.

The StreetPilot c550 comes with pre-loaded maps of Europe, along with the ability to audibly announce the name of upcoming streets and points of interest – letting drivers keep their eyes on the road while navigating through busy traffic and convoluted roadways. The unit also features an MP3 player, as well as the optional Garmin Travel Guide™ functionality – giving users helpful and thorough reviews and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightlife, sporting events, and tourist attractions.

All models are sold with a carrying case, suction cup mount, adhesive dash mount, 12-volt adapter, PC/USB cable, and quick reference guide. The c500 series is expected to be available in South Africa towards the end of May 2006, with the c550 retailing at around R7040 excluding VAT and the c510 for R5460 excluding VAT. Visit for more information.

Lexmark research puts spotlight on professional attitudes to paper wastage

The retail sector has the highest rate of paper wastage in Europe with a quarter (25%) of all pages in the workplace printed for nothing, according to new research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Lexmark, the printing solutions provider. The average for industries and sectors across Europe is 17%.

The survey of 2,837 office workers across Europe reveals the average employee prints out 34 pages per day of which a fifth (17%) are never used. Construction and financial services closely follow retail with the 2nd and 3rd highest wastage rates – 21% and 18% respectively.

Alarmingly the picture is the same in the public and private sectors, which have almost identical wastage rates of 18% and 17% respectively. However, there is a distinction in the number of pages printed – with the average public sector office worker printing 31 pages per day, compared to 38 pages in the private sector.

Lexmark commissioned the research to encourage companies to print less and manage their printing to help limit wastage, helping save both the environment and their bottom line costs.

The Biggest Wasters are SMB’s

Interestingly, it is Europe’s smallest companies (with up to 10 employees) – those who are the most sensitive to costs - who are actually the most wasteful – with the average employee wasting 21% of printed pages respectively. While larger enterprises (with over 500 employees) seem to be starting to take on board the ‘think before you print’ message – with a wastage rate of only 15%.

The Printing Blame Game

The Lexmark research also shows how employees are unwilling to admit that they are part of the paper wastage problem and are unaware of the impact of paper wastage. Over half (52%) of European office workers say that in their office a lot of paper is printed for nothing, however only a quarter (26%) admit they have any part to play in this wastage.

In the public sector, half (51%) of employees agree there is extensive paper wastage in the organisation they work for, yet three quarters (76%) also claim that they are not personally responsible for any wasted printing.

In the private sector, 53% of employees admit wastage is a serious issue, but only a quarter (28%) admits that they personally contribute to this wastage.

“The research we conducted for Lexmark highlights that office workers across Europe are unaware of the serious consequences of paper wastage, with very few admitting that they are contributing to the problem,” says Ipsos.

“In South Africa, we find that the extent of the wastage problem is similar, and that it goes right up to the boardroom, where senior executives are unaware of the bottom line impact of bad printing habits,” says Hans Horn, Managing Director of Lexmark South Africa.

“We are urging people to think before they print, and to print less. Lexmark is committed to delivering products that help businesses reduce and manage print wastage,” he adds.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Technology is Cheap, or is it talk?

The Sunday Times, today, is reporting that South Africa is one of the cheapest places in the world, if you want to buy new technology like a Motorola Razor. On the other hand, should you want to go and show off your new toy to the paparazi, you are going to spend a small fortune to enjoy your chanpagne. Moet is the most expensive here.

There are a number of reasons, me thinks. The biggest one is that the Razor continues to make money once you have bought it while Moet doesn't, unless you are stupid enough to buy a second bottle. Also, it brings to life the fact that we are radically overcharged for anything that comes in a bottle at restaurants and nightclubs!

More from the article in the Times...

In tobacco, the level of excise duty has a major effect on price. A box of Marlboro Reds cigarettes costs just over $1 in Moscow but a massive $9.74 in London.
Currency valuation and corporate pricing strategy also influence price, and retailers often set prices at completely different levels to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
Moscow is the cheapest place to buy a pack of Marlboros, but the most expensive to buy
a Coke. Residents of Buenos Aires can pop open a bottle of Moët at only $32, the cheapest of the cities surveyed. But they will pay about $320 more for the Motorola cellphone than we
do in SA. The price of a McDonald’s Big Mac burger, which is used as a measure of currency valuation by The Economist magazine, costs more than $4 in Paris and only $1.31 in
Shanghai.BusinessWeek said Nike Air Structure Triax sneakers were most expensive in SA, at R1099, or $181. But a Nike spokesman said they actually cost R899.

So that is the answer? Stop buying.....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Well done to Vodacom

"South Africa's Leading Cellular Network" NOT!!!!
Vodacom on Friday afternoon said it was working "relentlessly" to try and find the problem that caused its network to be unavailable.

"Vodacom subscribers could neither make nor receive calls on the network.

"Vodacom apologise to their subscribers who are currently experiencing difficulty making and receiving calls on the network," said Vodacom spokeswoman Dot Field.

She said she did not know when the network would be up and running again, but assured subscribers that the company was working on it as fast as possible.

People who tried to phone from their Vodacom phones got a "network busy" signal. Those phoning the network either got a busy tone or the message that "the number you have dialled does not exist"."
Not brilliant, guys!

PayPass is here.

MasterCard International and Standard Bank announced the launch of the pilot of OneSmart MasterCard® PayPass at Standard Bank’s head office campus in Johannesburg, South Africa. MasterCard PayPass is a "contactless" payment feature that provides cardholders with a faster and more convenient way to pay for their purchases.

During the pilot, Standard Bank employees can simply tap their PayPass card on specially-equipped terminals at retail outlets at Standard Bank’s campus shopping complex, as well as at all PayPass-enabled merchants worldwide to make a transaction.

PayPass is particularly well suited for small ticket purchases where speed is important – at supermarkets, convenience stores, drive-through outlets, take away outlets, tollgates, movie theatres and restaurants. PayPass also provides more consumer control, since the card does not leave the hands of the consumer to be inserted into the terminal by the merchant.

Mike Olsen, Director Strategic Initiatives & Operations, Standard Bank added, “MasterCard PayPass enables reduced transaction times and cash replacement in the low-value payments arena; benefiting both merchants and cardholders. These benefits extend the utility of the credit card into areas traditionally dominated by cash, opening up a wider market for card usage. PayPass lays the foundation to enable new card based opportunities in markets such as ticketing, toll roads, campus environments and parking garages.”

“The initiation of the OneSmart MasterCard PayPass pilot in South Africa reinforces the leadership position taken by MasterCard in smart cards and contactless technology,” said Eddie Grobler, senior vice president and general manager, Africa, MasterCard International.

“MasterCard PayPass technology has been very popular in overseas markets, like the United States, as it enables banks to differentiate their card products by adding convenient contactless ‘Tap & Go™’ functionality. As well as being more convenient for consumers, PayPass offers a high-level of security for retailers, as transactions can be authorised online and offline. Globally over seven million MasterCard PayPass cards/devices have already been issued, with usage in retailers, subways, stadiums and McDonald’s outlets,” Grobler said.

LG Announces the launch in SA of the "Chocolate Phone"

LG Electronics has launched this year’s must-have mobile phone – the chic, sleek and stylish LG Chocolate phone.

“This is so much more than a fashion phone,” says Mike Sidwell, Director GSM Sales and Marketing LG Mobile South Africa. “Modern buying trends are governed as much by emotion as by product specification and the LG Chocolate phone connects on both levels. It is totally unique, utterly desirable and yet affordable.”

Sleek and visually stunning, the LG Chocolate phone remains completely black until the touch-pad – a world’s first for mobile phones – is gently brushed. Once activated, the phone’s signature design feature, its glowing red touch-sensitive icons, bring to life a ‘hidden’ full-colour screen that completes the phone’s unique look and feel of minimalism with a modern twist.

Having already won two European design awards (iF Design Award and Red dot Design Award for its unique styling and user interface), the LG Chocolate Phone raises the standard of how mobile phones look and feel. It is also the first handset from LG’s new ‘Black Label’ range of design-led mobile phones, aimed at users who value style as highly as they value technology. LG Electronics is the world’s first mobile phone manufacturer to create a completely separate range of exclusively designed, premium mobile products.

The phone is also environmentally friendly, having gained certification from the European Union regarding its compliance with the Removal of Hazardous Substances legislation that comes into effect across Europe this July. To obtain the certification, LG Electronics improved a number of features on the Chocolate phone. Key buttons were coated with aluminium and tin. Other parts that had a possibility of containing hazardous substances were changed to non-toxic materials. LG Electronics also used lead-free solder cream to fix parts on the PWB (Printed Wired Board).

“Our Black Label series brings something totally new to the mobile market, the category of the design innovative phone sector. Other manufacturers have launched models that have design as a key attribute, but with the LG Chocolate phone, we have become the first manufacturer to pro-actively design and market a phone based on its visual and emotional appeal. Of course, being LG, the Chocolate phone like all subsequent Black Label products, will have a high standard of technical specification but its primary appeal is its design, and we believe it will prove extremely popular with style sensitive mobile phone users across South Africa.”

Already a favorite with cool-hunting, trend leaders in Korea, the eagerly anticipated LG Chocolate phone – which has sold over 400,000 units since it was launched in Korea last November, boasts a class-leading MP3/AAC music player, 128 meg of on-board memory, a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and video camera… all this in a phone that is slim enough to slip into the pocket of a shirt or a pair of tight jeans. Battery life is an impressive 200 hours standby with 3 hours 20 minutes talk time.

The LG Chocolate phone will retail for around R3 499 (Incl. VAT) without a contract, and will be available through all network provider outlets (cost according to individual tariffs). It is available from Thursday 18 May 2006. Look out for more Black Label launches in the near future.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

LG introduces the World's Slimmest 5 Mega-Pixel Digital Camera Phone

LG Electronics, a pioneer in consumer electronics and telecommunications, will be introducing the KG920 – the world’s slimmest 5 (five) mega-pixel camera phone to the South African market in July.

LG Mobile showcased the KG920 to the public at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona in March 2006. The 3GSM World Congress is the world’s leading mobile communications conference & exhibition that attracts over 680 exhibitors, 33 800 visitors and 1200 media from 171 countries.

The super slim KG920 is just 18mm wide and adopts an innovative Twist and Slim design, featuring a real digital camera, which allows users to rotate the camera to 180 degrees to enable them to take self portrait pictures. The KG920’s handset incorporates an auto focus CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera and a 2 inch QVGA TFT LCD screen for VGA-level videos recording and play back at 30 frames per second. Memories can be preserved with Zoom, brightness settings and various special effects. Video files can also be viewed on the KG920 LCD and can be sent to a personal computer (PC) to make an album.

The handset also features a strobe flash which makes shooting at a distance of 1.5 meters possible. Functions such as Bluetooth where a user can answer the phone and also share data wirelessly through mobile phone and a PC within up to 50 meters range in high-speed with convenience are what set KG920 aside from the rest. The handset comes standard with a built in MP3 player where one can enjoy music at CD level audio quality. USB ports as well as a Mini SD Memory (128MB included) are other functions available on the KG920.

LG KG920 will be available in South Africa from July 2006!

Boxing Clever – The new Garmin GVN 52

Garmin International announces the launch of the GVN 52, an all new concept in GPS Navigation. Featuring Garmin’s robust GPS hardware and familiar StreetPilot user interface, this ‘black box’ is designed to be integrated into built-in or installed mobile audio/video entertainment systems.

The GVN 52 enables users to turn their entertainment units into powerful navigation systems, making it possible to look up a specific address or plan a route with points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, petrol stations or shops, while viewing their exact location on an electronic moving map.

Unique voice prompt capability can be amplified through a car’s speaker system, giving clear, turn-by-turn voice cues identifying streets by name and showing map graphics on the system’s integrated video display.

This 12cm by 12cm ‘black box’ is only 2.7cm thick and weighs just 170g. It is easy to install, and fits under a car seat using the included mounting hardware. The unit comes preloaded with certain maps, and has an SD card slot so that additional mapping and updates can be easily installed.

This product will only be available at selected fitment centres throughout South Africa. Visit to find a centre near you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Motorola SLVR Red

Claudia Henkle

Bono on the right (Not there last night)

So you are planning on wowing a group of people and get them to buy and promote a new cell phone? Here is how NOT to do it. Ready?

Invite people into Sandton during the evening rush hour. When they arrive, make them stand outside the venue for an hour, in the cold and wind, without a drink. When they do get a drink, don't give them a place to put the empty glass down.

Invite press and trade so that your presentation doesn't mean anything to one or the other party. Eventually, ask people to be seated, which they could have done right from the start if somene had told them. Have some short guy come up on stage and tell us about how, if I spend R3000, you will donate R120 to a good cause. That will really impress me. Not all of the proceeds, no, less than 5% always gets my panties wet.

After the presentation of the phone, which I haven't been able to touch or see up until now, get some women and men to walk up and down the restaurant in clothes that I can't afford talking on thier cell phones. I mean, how important are these women that they can't get off of thier phones before they walk on the ramp?

After your little fashion show serve crappy little crepes or some other stuff that gives heartburn while you have STAND AT THE BAR TO GET A DRINK!!!!!

That really makes me write good things about some phone that Nokia had out last month and you guys are just re launching. Remind me to write good things about you next week.

One of the biggest problems, overall, is that Motorola are proud to be the 2nd biggest cell phone company in the world. They KNOW that they can't beat Nokia and at this rate, they never will. There is no point in inviting the industry to a function like this. It's all well and good for them to stock the phones but if the people who buy the phones don't know they exist, what's the point?

Inviting the top people from the Networks also doesn't work. What's the point? Give the phones for free then they will buy. And while I am on the free thing. A R3000 phone and you give R120? WTF? ALL of the procedes from the phone MUST go to charity. You have 20 other types of phones, let those make the money for you if you are selling 120 000 phones a day in Africa. Motorola earned $933 million last year.

That's R6,021,302,161.20

And now you are giving R120 for one cell phone! Big Spender.

PS, if you find any info on thier website about the SLVR Red, please post the URL in the comments.

It takes a Brave Man

It takes a brave man to rip apart other blogs. It seems as if someone is ready to stand up and get some links to his site. How long before people start submitting thier blogs to be ripped apart. Domkop might be just that or he will get bored. Already, he is being flamed by a couple of the biggest blogs in South Africa.

What makes the whole issue interesting is the fact that Domkop's site isn't something to write home about. He is using someone else's creativity and effort to create a blog that simply tells people what is bad. That's easy. Now tell people how to get better.

It's a site worth reading, though, and it might even rip this site apart soon too. Here is hoping.


African Internet users pay on average 90 times what U.S. surfers pay, crippling efforts by the world's poorest continent to become competitive in a global economy driven by communications, a senior Kenyan official said Wednesday.

Internet users in America pay US$20 (Ç16) for one gigabyte of data per month, but people in Africa pay about US$1,800 (Ç1,400) for the same amount of data, Minister for Information and Communication Mutahi Kagwe told industry leaders, financiers, scientists, engineers, educators and policy makers from Africa and the rest of the world attending an Africa Information and Communication Technology conference.

"We need to cut costs by about 1,000 percent for Africa to be competitive," Kagwe said in a speech read on his behalf by his Permanent Secretary Bitange Ndemo.

The costs of data and voice communications in Africa is the highest in the world, partly because the infrastructure-strapped continent spends millions of dollars (euros) every year to route data and voice traffic from one African country to another through Europe or North America, Kagwe said.

"The only undersea fiber optic cable to connect several African countries and the rest of the world ... remains the most expensive in the world and contributes to the high costs of bandwidth in Africa," he said.

Only some 1.5 percent of Africa's estimated 906 million people are connected to the internet. In contrast, more than 70 percent of people in Hong Kong are online, Kagwe said.

"We are behind almost everybody," he said.

Africa could dramatically improve its economy by expanding infodensity -described as the stock of information and communication technology capital and labor, he said.

A one percent increase in infodensity could help expand Africa's economy by some 400 percent, he said.

Among those attending the five-day conference was Donald Keck, one of the three inventors of the low-loss fiber optic cable.

He described how a remarkable convergence of three technological breakthroughs that occurred nearly at the same time 36 years ago - the first Internet experiments, the first demonstration of room-temperature semiconductor lasers and the invention of "low-loss" optical fiber -helped transformed the global economy and communications.

Plantronics Announces Worlds First VOIP-optimised Bluetooth Headset Solution

Plantronics, Inc. has introduced the Plantronics Voyager™ 510-USB, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset solution optimised for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), that provides seamless switching between PC-based softphones and mobile phone calls.

The Voyager 510-USB features a unique plug-and-play USB Bluetooth voice adapter allowing the headset to be used with a PC without installing any Bluetooth software- simplifying setup considerably. Additionally, the Voyager headset has multipoint technology allowing the headset to be shared between a mobile phone and PC so a call can be taken from either at the touch of a button.

The Voyager 510-USB makes VoIP intuitive. In doing so, enterprises benefit from reduced IT support and maintenance costs and professionals benefit from a reliable, easy to use wireless headset for their softphones and mobile phones.”

VoIP is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s work environment, where professionals conduct business in the car, at coffee houses and airports across the world. Plantronics is committed to innovation in the field of voice communications, and is dedicated to bringing this technology to the world. To show this dedication, the company was a platinum sponsor of the recent VoIP World Africa conference.

Universal VoIP Compatibility

The Plantronics Voyager 510-USB is the first Bluetooth headset that can be used day to day with enterprise class softphones, as well as your mobile phone. PerSonoCall® software provides integration with popular enterprise softphones from Avaya, Cisco, Skype and many others, adding call notification and remote call answering via the headsets. The Voyager 510-USB is also compatible with many popular Instant Messaging applications including AOL, MSN and Yahoo!.

An extension of Plantronics’ VoIP product portfolio, the Voyager 510-USB includes the award-winning Voyager 510 headset and Plantronics’ PerSonoCall® software to provide electronic answer-end control with major VoIP softphones. The system also comes with a convenient desktop charging stand & USB charger. The Voyager 510 headset features include:

  • Noise-cancelling microphone and WindSmart® technology, perfect for noisy WiFi hotspots such as cafes and airports.
  • Multi-Point technology for seamless sharing between mobile phone and PC/laptop.
  • No requirement to install Bluetooth on PC – just a plug-and-play USB Bluetooth Voice adapter.
  • PerSonoCall software for integration with many popular Softphone applications.
  • Travel Optimised – Foldable, light weight headset and USB travel charger included.
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time.
  • Freedom to roam up to 10 metres from your from voice-enabled Bluetooth PC or mobile phone.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


iBurst subscribers are now able to receive faxes at no cost, eliminating the need for a physical fax machine. "Fax2Email is another link in the mobile chain. We can't be truly mobile if the office is the only place where we can receive faxes," said Antony McKechnie, Head: Product Development at iBurst. Subscribers are allocated a unique fax number beginning with the digits '0865'. Fax2Email enables subscribers' to receive faxes for free in PDF format via email. According to Mr McKechnie, "Fax2Email appeals to certain categories of individuals such as sales people who are dependent on technology to enhance their business operations. "Fax2Email is also the perfect solution for small enterprises wanting to keep hardware costs to a minimum." iBurst was previously trading as Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) when it changed its company name to that of its mobile broadband Internet product from 1 April 2006. For further information on any advertised iBurst product, the customer care call centre can be reached 24 hours a day either via telephone (0861 927 4357)

Phone the USA and Canada for Free

This is a little confusing, but from what I understand, if you want to call any number in the USA or Canada, it will cost you nothing if you use Skype. I am sure that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but maybe I wll be proved wrong.
This from

Skype users can now make free SkypeOut calls to traditional landline and mobile phones in the U.S. and Canada until the end of the year, the company announced Monday.

Skype, which offers software that allows people to talk over an Internet connection using their PCs, is trying to get more people in North America to use its SkypeOut service, which typically charges people to make calls to a traditional or mobile phone. Skype calls made between PCs are free.

While Skype executives are hoping to drum up more business with this promotion, SkypeOut calling is free only until the end of 2006. What's more, calls made to and within all countries other than the U.S. and Canada will continue to incur charges at current rates.
GO FOR IT! The whole issue of "in" and "from" and "to" is what is confusing me, but if you don't have to give a CC number and you can call, sounds good to me.

Boing Boing reports on the Lear-Jet street-legal stretch-limo for high-flyers

Boing Boing reports:

A Chicago company is converting old Lear Jets into limousines: "Learmousine LimoJets." They're taking reservations now for a summer '06 service launch. Link (Thanks Better Living Through Miles, via luxist)

posted by Xeni Jardin at 10:14:23 AM permalink

Monday, May 15, 2006

Garmin: iQue M4

I am playing with my very 1st GPS unit ever. I think that starting with one of the best is not the best way to go, but who cares. I have used it for only 30 minutes so far and I am loving it!!!

The Garmin iQue M4 is easy to use and simple to set up. That, to me, is very important. If my Dad can use it, then that is great!

Below is from thier website, feel free to comment on your GPS....

The iQue M4 uses Garmin’s familiar StreetPilot interface that greets users with two recognizable options: “Where to?” and “View map.” It also includes the same features found in Garmin's other high-end street navigators including intuitive navigation with automatic route calculation; voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions; 2D or 3D map view; and automatic rerouting if a motorist strays off course.

With the iQue M4's larger navigational icons, users can select icons with their finger rather than a stylus. After using the touchscreen to enter information about the destination—such as the name or street address—the driver will be given detailed, turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions. Destinations may also be selected through the points of interest (POIs) database, which includes nearly six million POIs such as restaurants, fuel, banks, and hotels. This street-smart navigator can remind you of an appointment, show the location on the Map Page, and route you right to the front door. With its POI Loader software, Garmin has also made it possible for customers to augment pre-loaded maps with custom POIs such as school zones and safety cameras.

The built-in Windows Media® Player lets users browse music by artist, album, song, and genre. MP3s can be loaded onto an SD card or internal memory for music on the go.

The iQue M4 boasts a new SiRF® high-sensitivity receiver for improved GPS performance, 64 megabytes of RAM, and SD/SDIO expansion slot for memory, wireless networking, and more. The iQue M4 also features Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition operating system, which includes Pocket Office applications and supports portrait/landscape screen orientation for easy viewing of multimedia content.

Gadgets for grads, dads and moms

Live, from the West coast of the USA, the Mercury News reports on how gadgets are no longer just being made for young geeks, but older geeks and female geeks, even mothers, are now the focus for gadget makers.

Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder is billed as an inexpensive way for anyone to easily record and share videos.

The camcorder plugs directly into any PC or television and has built-in software so users can view their movie on a television, burn it a CD or send to friends via e-mail.

If you want to play Hollywood, drop off the device at CVS, Rite-Aid, Ritz or Wolf Camera and they'll churn out a DVD, complete with chapter headings and the best footage set to music.

It's priced at $130 at Target, and tech review site Engadget calls it ``video on the cheap,'' not likely to satisfy a demanding consumer. Still, ``It doesn't seem a bad option for the tech-phobic or in risky situations you wouldn't want to stick your $1000 camera into,'' Engadget says.

Why are more and more people seen with behind-the-earpieces enabling them to listen and talk on their wireless phone hands-free?

They look geeky, but ``they're hot'' with the college set, says Eugene Muscat, senior associate dean at the University of San Francisco's business school. ``It's androgynous, guys are into it just as much as the girls.''

Among the headsets employing Bluetooth -- a short-range wireless technology that replaces cables used to connect wireless telephones to hands-free headsets -- are the vibrating Jabra BT350 ($79.99 at and Motorola H700 ($119.99 at Best Buy).

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mobile phone explosions worry Brazilians

At least five mobile phones have exploded over the last two months in Brazil, causing anxiety among phone users and making news headlines.

The incidents, representing only a fraction of the 89 million phones in circulation in Brazil, all involved Motorola phones. The company said it was investigating and Brazil's telecommunication agency is pursuing the case as well.

In the most recent incident on April 30, the 34-year-old victim in Formosa, Goias state, had surgery for burns on her thighs and arms. She was driving with the phone in her lap when it exploded.

Others accidents since April were reported in Rio de Janeiro and three cities in Sao Paulo state.

Motorola said the probable cause of the explosion was that the owners used non-original or low-quality batteries.

"We are having a strong campaign to alert users not to buy accessories which are not original. It's very common for people to do this in markets or non-authorized stores," Motorola spokeswoman Samantha Simon said last week.

So you want to create your own web site?

So blogging has become a little boring and you want to expand and build your world wide web empire? You have no idea what to do? Then log onto
A free tutorial via the web or e-mail will take you through the 11 steps, they think, you will need to create a great website.

It's free, which is fantastic, and the best way to keep it free is to click on thier sponsors links every now and again, and who knows, you might need a product or two. is an interesting site as many places promise to help you build sites but Keywords write it in such a manner that even I can understand it. Simple things like layout and design to Optimizing graphics and copyright issues.

It's not an HTML tutor or flash design site, it's good, clear and simple advise for people like you and ME (fixed thanks to Roy).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Need a bit of external storage? How does 1.5 terabytes of monster drive connected via firewire sound?

Holy cow. Here's an external drive that'll get video editors frothing! Not to mention hardcore music download addicts!

This harddrive offers you a whopping 1.5 terabytes with a 32MB data buffer, clad in an aluminium enclosure to keep it all safe and snug on your desk. All for the wet-dream price of just US$1150!

I'll take two of them please.

This story courtesy of Podcasting News. Read the full story.

Share your USB Printer Wirelessly with the DP-G321

D-Link, the industry pioneer in networking, introduces the D-Link DP-G321 Wireless Multi-Port Print Server, which features two USB 2.0 ports and one parallel port. With its multiple ports, the DP-G321 allows everyone on the network to access and share up to three printers.

The DP-G321 is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports for connecting to the latest printers available on the market today, while remaining backwards compatible with USB 1.1/1.0 printers. The DP-G321 also includes a parallel port for connecting legacy parallel printers. Setup is easy using any Web browser or using the Windows configuration program PSAdmin.

The DP-G321 is IEEE 802.11g compliant, for wireless transfer speeds up to 54Mbps*, and supports both Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc wireless modes. With the DP-G321, you now have the ability and convenience of sharing printers beyond a wired network. The DP-G321 supports TCP/IP, NetBEUI and AppleTalk/ EtherTalk network printing protocols, giving you more networking options.

The DP-G321 features support for the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), which makes your printer available online for receiving print jobs from anywhere via the Internet or your Intranet.

The DP-G321 Multi-Port Wireless Print Server is the ideal network printing solution for small offices, home offices, schools and other businesses that require sharing multiple printers.

* Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11g specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. Environmental factors will adversely affect wireless signal range.

Price and Availability

The D-Link DPG-321 is available through Mustek and Pinnacle Micro at a suggested retail price of R1,399.00

The unit has a limited lifetime Warranty and 24/7 Technical Support including firmware updates.

I got a mail from Albert today, or maybe some time this week. Albert has started an interesting site for you to go shopping. Albert is one of very few South Africans that is actually trying to make money off of the Internet, instead of just putting up a brouucher of sorts.

Good luck to him and everything that stands for.

South African consumers now have an online shopping Search Engine at their
disposal. Jump Internet Technologies (, launched the online
Shopping Search Engine with the consumer in mind. The consumers are now able to
search for their favorite products at one place and in doing so Jump Shopping
will redirect them to the most appropriate e-commerce website in South
Africa.Does this mean Jump Shopping will be able to tell the consumer the best
price at the best store? The answer to this is one big YES.With the online
retail in South Africa now standing on more than R500m per annum, Online
Shopping is clearly an area that needs focus and direction. Jump Shopping took
the bold step of bringing all the stores together in one place, and in doing so,
assisting consumers with better shopping direction and buying power.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PS3 is not Cheap

He might have a fact or two wrong, but who hasn't done that once or twice?
My mate at Cherryflava has an interesting look at just how much the new Playstation 3 is going to set you back.

Maybe that XBox is looking like the better option now.

Iomega Expands REV range With New Desktop REV Loader 280

Iomega has announced the local release of the Iomega REV Loader 280, a new desktop autoloader for small business backup and archive duties.

Using removable hard drive based technology created by Iomega, the REV Loader 280 provides access to 280 Gigabytes (GB) - 560 GB compressed - of storage, managing up to eight removable 35 GB REV disks in a compact desktop form factor - only 17cm tall and 13cm wide. This new autoloader design will cost approximately half as much as many competing automation tape products.

The Iomega REV Loader 280 connects to a server through a USB 2.0 interface, making it easy to use as a backup and archive device for computers on a network, and less expensive than traditional SCSI-based tape drives. For small businesses that require professional grade backup with removable media, but desire a simple, hands-off solution, the desktop REV Loader 280 delivers automated, multi-disk data protection at a price similar to single tape drive solutions. Bundled with the REV Loader 280 is a license for CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Windows including support for disaster recovery.

Unlike tape backup products that rely on fragile, slow and expensive linear-access technology, the REV Loader 280 drive uses durable 35 GB REV disks based on hard disk drive technology. The Iomega REV Loader quietly loads disks as required for continuous, automated data protection. Reliable operation is possible even in dusty or dirty conditions where tape-based backup technologies could fail. Password protection and encryption provide additional data security. The REV Loader 280 is also dramatically faster than tape-based automation devices, delivering up to 25 MB/sec data transfer rates with random access capability. It out-performs many tape alternatives such as DDS-4 and DAT-72 while costing as little as half as much.

In addition to the new desktop REV Loader 280, stand alone Iomega REV 35GB drives are currently available in external USB 2.0, FireWire, internal SCSI, SATA and the REV Autoloader 1000 rack-mounted ten-disk automation device.

Compared to tape, REV products generally cost less and work faster, reducing backup times while delivering virtually unlimited rewrites per disk. REV disks provide an estimated archival life of 30 years. They are also highly portable (10 x 77 x 75 mm), durable and low cost.

XBox coming to South Africa

Microsoft today demonstrated its commitment to growing the successful Xbox business by announcing that it will launch Xbox 360, the next-generation video games and entertainment system, in South Africa and four countries in Eastern Europe. Launching by the end of 2006, Xbox will be expanding its global footprint and giving gamers in these new markets access to the next generation of gaming and entertainment.

The announcement was made at a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (“E3”), the largest, annual conference for the interactive entertainment industry. As well as launching in South Africa, Xbox 360 will go on sale in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. With these launches, Xbox 360 will expand its presence in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region from16 countries to 21.

“We’re very excited to be bringing Xbox 360 to gamers in more countries in Europe and Africa,” said Chris Lewis, Regional Vice President for EMEA Home and Entertainment Division. “These are growing markets for console and Windows gaming – gamers in these markets have been craving Xbox 360, publishers are already marketing their games here, and we have great relationships with key retail partners in these regions already. Expanding to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. Poland and South Africa allows us to build a successful business ecosystem for our partners in these countries, and to bring more gamers amazing next-generation gaming and entertainment experiences. Xbox 360 has been a great success in the EMEA region and we fully expect that success to be replicated in these five new countries.”

The appetite for Xbox 360 gaming around the world continues to grow. In addition to the five new countries mentioned above, Xbox will be helping to meet that demand in three other countries this year with launches in Brazil, Chile and India. These additional markets will continue the momentum of the largest next-generation installed base for any console after a second Christmas.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Launch of Planet PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to confirm the September release of Planet PSP (Working Title), a stunning series of multimedia, interactive city guides created with the help of the travel gurus at Lonely Planet and exclusively available on PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable).

The launch will see six city guides covering Europe’s most popular destinations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Paris, Prague and Rome, arrive on shelves this autumn.
Each guide has been developed with the young city breaker and frequent traveller in mind and comes packed with information on how to experience the very best places in town - from the latest restaurants to the most underground of clubs - along with videos, audio walks, photography, maps and pre-planned itineraries to suit every sort of visit, and every type of adventurous traveller.

With plans for additional downloadable updates, videos, stills, and special interest itineraries - Planet PSP (WT) is one travel guide that will never be out of date, so get off the beaten track, hang out with the locals, live a little and let Planet PSP (WT) help you discover the true heart of the city.

Why Frames on a Website are Bad

Back when I was working out where I should host The Technoloy Circle, I was dabbling a little at website design. Frames were all the rage on the web up until a year or two ago and then everything stopped. I blame Google.

The article here explains why you should not include frames in your website, no matter how you hide them. Also, while I am on it. FLASH IS BAD!!!!
Why is it that every advertising agency think that a Flash site is cool. It's not, it takes long to load and the best thing to do when a site takes long to load, is to close it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Google Romance (Now Google control everything)

So, you sad and pathetic web surfer. If it were not for Google, yuo wouldn't have found this site unless you are the one person that hit here from MSN. Maybe next year Microsoft will rule again, but for now Google controls our lives. This blog is thanks to Google, my mail is thanks to Google, my income is thanks to Google and my news is thanks to Google. In fact, in a year or so from now, I think that you will be able to type anyting you like before and you will hit on something. sounds like a fun place to visit. Don't click on it you moron.

Now my love life could be thanks to Google. That's right. There are obviously a few very lonely people at the Google Campus and one or two of them thought that starting a dating search would be a little fun. You search for porn using Google, why not some real action?

Google Romance has a sweet name to it, don't you think? It's still in Beta but if I know Google, and you can bet that they know me, this should work really well. Thier searches match what you want most of the time, now it just works on people.

Are people as easy to sift through and catagarise as web pages, graphics and films? Wait and see or try it yourself.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Telkom and ADSL

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. With that in mind, I also think that people should know about shoddy service so that it can get fixed up.

My ADSL router/modem has been giving me trouble for a couple of days and I needed to replace it. I found this out after calling the ADSL help line, 0800 375 375. Very nice people helped me out, the best one was Daniella. She knew her stuff and helped me through all of my issues. My real problem here was the wait before speaking to a human being. Each call was a 20 minute wait. This is not good enough. To me, 5 minutes is long, 10 bad and 20 is just unaccepable. Hire new staff, TELKOM!!!

My 2nd issue is the swop out. I went to the Clearwater branch of Telkom to replace the faulty modem/router. I hate going into a shop and not being greeted by the staff. One was working on his PC while the other seemed to be studying flies on the ceiling behind her desk. I had to make the 1st move which is not good service.

While telling the lady that I would like to swop my machine, her phone rang, AND SHE PICKED IT UP!!! HEY, I am here. So I move to the next guy. He tells me that they have no stock.
I ask when they will have stock and he tells me that he doesn't know and he can't find out for me. WHAT? So I ask him how he will solve his costomer's problem of no ADSL modem and he gives me the "thousand yard stare".

Eventually I suggest to him to find out if another branch might have a router/modem and he thinks that that is a great idea. I eventually had to drive 30 minutes to fetch a new one from Westgate who were great and attentive to the people paying thier salary.

Solutions? Train staff on costomer relations. It's easy, the customer is king. If you don't like people, get another job.

Come on Telkom, you were doing so well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Your Eyes could be getting Damaged

Techdirt is reporting that these new mobile devices could be bad for your eyes. The PSP, new smart phones and other hand hgeld devices create writing that is so small that you might be doing some premanant damage. Now we have our ears and eyes to worry about, not to mention our thumbs....

Updates will be a little patchy this week as somewhere between my PC, network cable, the ADSL touter, Telkom and MWeb, my internet has stopped working. Any suggestions on how to get the router working without throwing it out of the window???

Monday, May 01, 2006

Top five trends in cyber security

According to a report out today, the top trends in Internet security are:

1. Mac's OS/X operating system is no longer the "bulletproof alternative" to Windows.

2. There has been a "substantial decline" in vulnerabilities in Windows Services.

3. Internet Explorer continues to be vulnerable to attacks.

4. Firefox and Mozilla browsers also are vulnerable.

5. There has been a surge in profit-motivated attacks.

Source: SANS Institute