Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Motorola SLVR Red

Claudia Henkle

Bono on the right (Not there last night)

So you are planning on wowing a group of people and get them to buy and promote a new cell phone? Here is how NOT to do it. Ready?

Invite people into Sandton during the evening rush hour. When they arrive, make them stand outside the venue for an hour, in the cold and wind, without a drink. When they do get a drink, don't give them a place to put the empty glass down.

Invite press and trade so that your presentation doesn't mean anything to one or the other party. Eventually, ask people to be seated, which they could have done right from the start if somene had told them. Have some short guy come up on stage and tell us about how, if I spend R3000, you will donate R120 to a good cause. That will really impress me. Not all of the proceeds, no, less than 5% always gets my panties wet.

After the presentation of the phone, which I haven't been able to touch or see up until now, get some women and men to walk up and down the restaurant in clothes that I can't afford talking on thier cell phones. I mean, how important are these women that they can't get off of thier phones before they walk on the ramp?

After your little fashion show serve crappy little crepes or some other stuff that gives heartburn while you have STAND AT THE BAR TO GET A DRINK!!!!!

That really makes me write good things about some phone that Nokia had out last month and you guys are just re launching. Remind me to write good things about you next week.

One of the biggest problems, overall, is that Motorola are proud to be the 2nd biggest cell phone company in the world. They KNOW that they can't beat Nokia and at this rate, they never will. There is no point in inviting the industry to a function like this. It's all well and good for them to stock the phones but if the people who buy the phones don't know they exist, what's the point?

Inviting the top people from the Networks also doesn't work. What's the point? Give the phones for free then they will buy. And while I am on the free thing. A R3000 phone and you give R120? WTF? ALL of the procedes from the phone MUST go to charity. You have 20 other types of phones, let those make the money for you if you are selling 120 000 phones a day in Africa. Motorola earned $933 million last year.

That's R6,021,302,161.20

And now you are giving R120 for one cell phone! Big Spender.

PS, if you find any info on thier website about the SLVR Red, please post the URL in the comments.

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