Monday, July 31, 2006

Nokia's N73 Cellphone With 3.2-megapixel Camera Available Now in Europe

The Nokia N73, complete with 3.2-megapixel camera, is available now in Europe for around $700. The N73, which was announced in April, features a number of options that make it an attractive option for photography buffs (well, insofar as photography buffs don't mind using a cellphone for taking photos), such as integrated flickr support and a 2.4-inch QVGA display. There's also the assorted bonuses now commonly found on mid to high-end cellphones, such as MP3 (and WMA) support, a miniSD expansion slot and synchronization with Bluetooth or USB. It's a GSM cellphone, but also supports the new kid on the block, EDGE.
Nokia claims that the N73 will provide sufficient battery life for up to four hours of talk time and up to 14.5 days while on standby. While now available in Europe, it's unclear when it'll reach these shores.


Roy Blumenthal said...

Hey Jon...

I've been patiently holding out for the Nokia N91 you wrote about.

I've just phoned Autopage now (12 noon, Thursday 3 August 2006), who tell me, 'Vodacom has STILL not approved the phone, even though MTH, Virgin, and Cell-C have.'

So I said, 'What are Vodacom going to do to keep me as a customer?'

And she laughed a bit.

I think I'm just going to hang on a bit until number-for-life kicks in, and see what the other networks will do to get my business.

Let's see... R800 to R1200 per month for the last 12 years? That's business worth having, I would have thought.

Blue skies

Jon Gericke said...

You know that you can change to the other service providers. With all of the bad service you are getting from Vodacom, I am surprised that you haven't.

You are not that important that people won't know you have changed your number. Let people know that it's changed and move on.