Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lexmark’s new toolbar optimises printing of Web content

Printing from websites can cause great frustration. Time and effort is often wasted and costs can quickly mount up for paper and ink usage. The main frustrations include*:

· Lengthy advertisements printed

· Words or images are cut off

· Unwanted images are printed

· Pictures can’t easily be printed separately

· Paper and ink or toner are wasted

To alleviate the frustration of printing from the Web, Lexmark International, the printing manufacturer, has developed the Lexmark Web Toolbar**. The toolbar makes it quick and easy for users to print what they need from the Web. With a few simple clicks, users can:

· Print text only, eliminating ads and other unwanted images

· Print the entire Web page without cutting off images or text

· Print only in black

· Print borderless photos from Web sites

· Adjust size of photos, as well as select normal or draft quality printing options

· Preview their selections before printing

The Lexmark Web Toolbar enables the user to print only the information they require, instead of every item seen on the page. This eliminates waste of paper and ink, therefore saving cost.

Says Hans Horn, Managing Director of Lexmark International South Africa: “Many consumers get frustrated when printing from the web. Areas of the page get cut off, pictures get in the way when all they want is the text, and adverts just waste ink. Lexmark has developed this free toolbar to help consumers solve their Internet printing problems.“

Instead of wasting supplies and time, Lexmark users can download the Lexmark Web Toolbar for free from http://toolbar.lexmark.com


Anonymous said...

Silly stuff ...
Think about ie7 new features ...
What about Firefox ?

Jon Gericke said...

I agree. I am a Firfox user and an IE7 user. There needs to be one of these for Firefox, but I also find that Firefox prints the pages quite well. Let's see what Lexmark can come up with next time.