Thursday, July 20, 2006

Iomega sets new standards by doubling REV technology capacity

omega Corporation, a global leader in data pr otection, today announced the latest breakthrough in high-capacity removable storage for the backup and archive needs of small and medium-sized businesses: the new Iomega REV 70 GB Backup Drive, a second generation REV drive that delivers 70 Gigabytes per removable disk for enterpr ise-level performance at small business prices.

Now available worldwide in external USB 2.0 and internal ATAPI models, the new Iomega REV 70 GB Backup Drive utilises tough, removable 2.5 inch 70 GB REV disks that double the capacity of first-generation REV 35 GB pr oducts, delivering the same pr oven reliability and unbeatable pr ice-performance for small and medium-sized businesses. In support of its existing REV customers, Iomega REV 70 GB Backup Drives offer backward read and write compatibility with first-generation REV 35 GB disks.

"Compared to a DAT 72 format tape drive, we offer almost twice the native capacity (36GB vs. 70GB for REV), instantaneous random access to your files, faster backups and restores, ruggedised cartridges, and our drive costs significantly less," says Kennedy. "In true Iomega tradition, we have delivered a safer, smarter and better removable backup solution and the de facto alternative to tape backup pr oducts for small businesses."

With the introduction of the REV 70 Backup Drive, Iomega's REV platform now features two capacity points: REV 35 GB drive and disks, ideal for desktop backup and archive needs; and REV 70 GB drive and disks, delivering increased capacity for server backup applications. The REV pr oduct family also includes automation solutions like the REV Loader 280, which manages eight REV 35 GB disks in an innovative desktop enclosure.

Iomega's REV 70 GB disks can store as much as 140 GB of data with compr ession using standard backup software. EMC award-winning Retrospect Expr ess software ships with all desktop REV drives for automatic backup and disaster recovery; REV server solutions come with CA's BrightStor ArcServe Backup software.

Iomega's new REV 70 GB Backup Drives feature impr oved transfer rates of 30 MB/sec. (max), versus 25 MB/sec for first-generation REV 35 GB pr oducts. Both generations of REV pr oducts boast extensive third-party software support, estimated 30 year archival life, and an estimated one million rewrite durability – the kind of performance tape pr oducts such as DAT 72 can never match. And while tape pr oducts require frequent head cleaning and an expensive tape replacement regime, REV drives and disks are designed for continuous reliable use with zero maintenance.

These advantages translate into the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of all major backup solutions. Savings include reduced labour, hardware costs, and system downtime. Higher capacity REV 70 GB disks also reduce time spent changing media and pr ovide greater consolidation of data.

The Iomega® REV® 70 GB USB 2.0 Backup Drive retails for R4999 (ex VAT), including one REV 70 GB disk. The Iomega® REV® 70 GB ATAPI Backup Drive retails for R4999 (ex VAT), including one REV 70 GB disk. Iomega REV 70 GB disks are available for R649 each (ex VAT) or in five-packs for R2899

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