Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Moving on to all thing bright and musical- the iPod range just got a boost from strange corner- Nike. The two companies worked together to develop the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which promises to make your jogging experience more enjoyable (but just as sweaty). The latest Nike+Air Zoom Moire has a built-in sensor that connects to a receiver on the iPod nano to provide details such as distance, pace and time. It will even tell you how much calories you’ve burned. All this is displayed on the iPod’s screen but also transmitted through the earphones. When you’re done the data from your jog can be downloaded to computer to keep record of your training. Apple even went so far to include a Nike Sport Music section on the iTunes music store, while some Nike apparel, such as jackets and shorts, will include waterproof pockets in which your nano can be stored.

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