Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The newest, naughtiest, multi-player game you'll find on the internude... uh... internet

Note from Roy Blumenthal: This story is copied without a word of alteration from SMITH NEWS.

Wank and File

By john
on Blog

naughty america cap

I’m guessing that the guy in the RL-looking inset top right is the
Naughty America member (”member” — heh, heh, get it?) piloting the
avatar pictured at top left and in-scene shirtless in gray trousers.
And I’m also guessing that the avatar pictured top left is pictured
there so that the Naughty America member can keep an eye on the face
he’s presenting to the redhaired avatar batting those heart-shaped
balloons of love toward him. Aw.

This, of course, is from Naughty America: The Game,
whose producers are threatening to launch this summer. “Get ready for
the first multiplayer experience,” they say, “to boldly go where no
game has gone before — to bed!”

Second Life, but with active genitals. To quote Paris Hilton (with some irony, of course), “That’s hot.”

Oh, and if you click on that link to the NA site? You might want to turn your sound off.

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