Saturday, July 01, 2006

You can never be sure....

They used some of my IBM post, so I think that I can use some of Computer World's post on how a new Worm is making its way across the web searching for unlicensed Microsoft Operating system machines.

The malware has been classified as a worm and spreads through AOL LLC's Instant
Messenger program, said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos
PLC, a security vendor.
Sophos is calling it W32.Cuebot-K, a new variation in
the Cuebot family of malware. The worm has a range of malicious functions. After
it's installed, the worm immediately tries to connect to two Web sites, a sign
it may try to download other bad programs on the machine.
Cuebot-K can
disable other software, shut off the Windows firewall, download new malicious
programs, perform basic distributed denial-of-service attacks, scan local files
and spawn a command prompt.

Sounds dangerous!!! Maybe you need some of this Symantec software to ensure your machine is clean and safe. Read the rest of the article here....

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