Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Continuing its innovation leadership, Seagate Technology today introduced a new family of storage solutions that lets users access, share and protect all their digital content from a centralised location on a small office or home network. The Maxtor Shared Storage II product family easily and automatically backs up business files, accounting records, photos, music and other digital files stored on multiple networked computers every day without the hassle of swapping out tapes, CDs or DVDs. It provides nearly effortless data management and security for up to 20 PC or Mac users, which allows small business owners or “family technology officers” to free themselves of the mundane, yet critical task of ensuring that every computer’s precious data is backed up.

The Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions are designed for easy setup with network installation in less than five minutes, and there’s no need for IT staff or any special technical knowledge. An EasyManage CD automatically gives users a desktop icon for easy access to a shared public folder and a set of personal password-protected private network folders. A Gigabit Ethernet connection ensures fast data transfers and file sharing between computers on wired and wireless networks. A SimpleView feature, which acts like a built-in IT administrator, provides detailed backup and storage status at a glance of all users on the network.

For added protection, users can automatically copy content stored on the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution by scheduling an additional backup to a connected USB external storage system for off-site data rotation. The Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions are available in single-drive and dual-drive configuration with storage capacities up to one terabyte (1,000GB). The dual-drive, terabyte-capacity storage solution can be set up for RAID 1 (disk mirroring), which makes an exact copy of the files on one drive to the other, so if one drive fails for any reason there’s a duplicate version on the other drive as a backup. The Maxtor Shared Storage II solution includes two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or two additional external storage drives, or one of each. Organising digital files is a breeze with the exclusive Drag and Sort feature, which automatically identifies and sorts more than 100 different Windows file types and puts them in specific music, photo, movie, Web, software or documents folders. Users simply drag and drop files into their desktop icon and they’re automatically sorted.

“To help address the continuing market need to for simple, easy-to-use network storage for the mass consumer market, Seagate is focused on delivering a broad array of fully-integrated products with robust feature sets to simplify the task of storing, protecting, managing and sharing content between multiple computing devices,” said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. “Whether in a small business or home environment, our customers benefit from years of engineering innovation and market-leading features to manage the fast rise in consumption and creation of commercial and user-generated digital content.”

When connected to a home network, one of the Maxtor Shared Storage II solution’s benefits is its ability to stream media content on compatible UPnP AV digital media adapters for viewing or playing music, movies or photos on entertainment devices throughout the network. A family, for instance, could simultaneously listen to a music collection via a networked sound system upstairs, play movies on a networked theatre system in the living room, and view a slide show of recent vacation photos on a laptop in the kitchen. Designed to DLNA guidelines (www.dlna.org), the Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions are compatible with a broad array of digital entertainment devices from leading CE vendors and requires no active PC or Mac on the network to share and stream digital files.

The new family of Maxtor Shared Storage II solutions is RoHS compliant. Seagate is fully committed to adhering to all applicable laws and regulations of the RoHS Directive (European Union Restriction of Hazardous Substances) that restrict the use of lead (Pb), mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium,PBB (polybrominated biphenyls) and PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) in electrical and electronic products.

Availability and Pricing

Sahara is the exclusive local distributor for Maxtor and can be contacted on 011 542 1000. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is R2475 for the 300GB, R3278 for 500GB, and R6928 for the terabyte (1,000GB), dual-drive solution.

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