Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breathalyser phone stops drinkers making embarrassing calls

Who needs a TV on thier phone when you can have one of these????

THE first mobile phone aimed at drinkers is about to go on sale in Britain, complete with a breathalyser that tests users’ fitness to drive and a “sobriety lock-out” to stop drunken late-night phone calls.

The Samsung LP4100 is targeted at hard-living, hard-drinking young people, promising to help them avoid drink-driving and drunk dialling.

If the user has exceeded the drink-drive limit when blowing into the phone, it gives a warning and displays an animation of a car swerving on a road and crashing into traffic cones, a hint that they should take a taxi.

The phone can also be programmed to block selected numbers in the address book such as former girlfriends or boyfriends, bosses, parents and kebab houses.

Samsung believes that the phone, which has a shape similar to a sports car, will find a market among young clubbers, stopping their slurred speech before they leave a regrettable voicemail message, let alone try to climb behind the wheel.

Read more about this FANTASTIC idea from The UK Times Online.

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