Monday, April 10, 2006

VMware's Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge Contest

Local VMware distributor, Workgroup, has announced VMware's Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge contest with prizes totalling $200 000 to foster continued innovation in developing virtual appliances.

Grant Mufford, VMware product manager at Workgroup, explains that virtual appliances are pre-built, pre-configured and ready-to-run software applications, all packaged within virtual machines. He says they can be run using VMware virtualisation products, including VMware Player and VMware Server, which are both available for free download at

"The Appliance Challenge gives VMware a chance to recognise and reward innovation from the community and promote turnkey software experiences through virtualisation," he adds.

The Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge is open to participants worldwide with the first prize of $100 000, second prize of $50 000 and third prize of $25 000. Best Collegiate Appliance, Best Consumer Appliance, Best Develop Appliance, Best Server Appliance and VMTN Community Choice Appliance awards will be given with each winner receiving $5 000.

The Challenge judging panel will be led by Mendel Rosenblum, co-founder and chief scientists at VMware, and consists of many distinguished international judges, including South African's own Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux.

"This competition highlights the way that VMWare works within the community to promote the benefits of their products", says Grant "It's the users and their solutions that take a great product and make it fantastic."

Challenge details and registration information are available at or VMware plans to announce the winners on August 14, 2006 at LinuxWorld. For further information, interested parties should contact Grant Mufford on the following number, (011) 654-6113 or the following mail address: .

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