Sunday, April 16, 2006

Popular Mechanics

I am an avid reader of Popular Mechanics Magazine. One of the main reasons I read it is not for the cars or the "make at home DIY section". It has to do with new and better energy use.

This month has a whole section on Solar homes and hybrid trains. New use of energy and creating new efficiant versions of things we have today is one of the things I love. There is also a whole article on fuel cell powered motorbikes. Does it get any better?

As this is a gadget blog, the 1st place I go to in Popular Mechanics, is the Great Stuff section. Thier version of cool gadgets. Out of the page, popped the Bug Zapper for only R95. It's a tennis racket with a charge that zaps bugs like those blue light thingies at butcheries around the world. How much fun can this thing be?

You can buy one of those silly guns that zap flies or you can experience the joy of sending enough volts through a bug to get them to explode! Does it get any better?


Roy Blumenthal said...

Yo Jon...

A buddy of mine actually HAS one of those zappers! And I've used it. And it's safe to say that the thing is utterly absorbing.

I stood around a braai at Troy's wedding for around forty minutes zapping flies, utterly oblivious to the rest of the world while I did it.

It's a zuperb piece of technology. And I recommed one for every home.

Blue skies

Jon Gericke said...

Sounds like fun. Nothing like the smell of dead bugs at a braai while at a weeding!!!