Monday, April 17, 2006

Ridiculous Call Costs

I have finally made a couple of Skype Calls over the last few months and I am thinking of changing forever. With just a couple of minutes of research, I found some amazing facts that I think I will share with you now.

Using Skype Out, which is thier name for making calls from my PC to any land line in thee world, a call from South Africa to the UK is R0.145 per minute or 14.5 cents per minute. Same call on a Telkom landline is R1.70 per minute. In fact, the cost of a minute on Skype is the same as 7 seconds on a Telkom line.

Now I know that you have to add the cost of the ISP and the ADSL onto the whole cost but if you have them already, why not get 53 seconds freee on every minute? Plug a small microphone into your PC and away you go. Buy the 10 Euro package and you could talk forever.

We have only spoken to mates and family in the UK iver the holidays and today is the day after Easter, so we will chat again today via Skype to Skype and that is FREE!!! I love technology.

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