Thursday, April 27, 2006

IE7 is here!

It looks as if Microsoft are onto a good thing. I have been using Forefox for around six months now and I was starting to get into it. From the outset, I am not one of these people that can tweek code and work in the source. I download and use.

Internet Explorer 7 promises all that Firefox offers and more. For one thing, it seems faster than Firefox if that is possible. The download is also small when you compare it to other Microsoft products. I guess that the next patch will be bigger than the original download if I know Microsoft.

Tab browsing is in IE7 as is RSS and pop-up blocking. There is another cool feature and that is Physhing identification. Every page you load is checked to see if it is ligitimate.

I have been playing with IE7 for a couple of hours now and I see no reason to use Firefox anymore. Check back here soon to get a full review.

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