Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LG unveils the “Emotional” series LCD monitor

LG has introduced its latest innovative LCD monitor, the “Emotional” series. The “Emotional” series was conceived with the concept of creating a premium design series, setting an example for its next-generation monitors.

LG’s LCD monitors have continuously gained well-deserved brand recognition through the premium designs of the “LX40” series. The “Emotional” series goes one step further, presenting not only visual beauty, but also emotional sensation for the user.

The “Emotional” series offers the world’s most innovative contrast ratio of 1600:1, lightening fast response time of 4ms, crisp and clear image via f-engine, and an ultra slim depth of 18mm.

The “Emotional” series seeks to provide relief and composure from everyday hassles of long hours of computer use and also sensitivity derived from its simple and elegant outline. The effort and craftsmanship committed to the series, makes it a masterpiece worthy of possession.

The “Emotional” series provides three types of stands with a black and white colour selection and a luxurious gloss finish for the final touch to allow consumers to choose the style they desire.

The “Emotional” series is not simply a monitor; it is a revolutionary user-friendly concept that enables emotional communication between user and product.

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