Friday, April 21, 2006

Another set of Nokia Phones

Nokia's L'Amour Collection was released at the Fashion TV Cafe in Sandton on Wednesday night. Besides the hot girls and some hot fashion from Stoned Cherry, the phones weren't too shabby either.

Aimed squarely at the female of the species, the new phone collection are styled to fit in your handback and fit your style. It has an African feel with leather and African colours to match the way our fashion is moving.

The picture here is just of the 7380, which is slimline and very easy to fit in your smallest of handbags. When the screen is off, it turns into a mirror for lipstick touch ups and anything else you might want to see behind you, like a guy? One tricky addition is the keylessness, is that a word? The phone has no numbers. You move a wheel like an iPod and it is actually quite easy to use after a couple of tries.

The other phones are much the same just with better styling.

Read more about the phones by downloading the .PDF's of the 7360, 7370 and 7380.

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