Friday, April 07, 2006

Mesal Gear Solid – Snake Escape

Solid Snake has run in to trouble and only one man ape can help… Enter, Pipo Snake: the super-sneaking simian who’s the only monkey tough enough to help our hero escape.

Fans of Metal Gear may remember the Ape Escape monkeys popping up in Metal Gear Solid 3. Now, thanks to the legendary creator of the MGS franchise, Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake makes a guest appearance in Ape Escape 3’s crazy stealth mini-game: Mesal Gear Solid – Snake Escape.

Solid Snake has been captured and, in a state of desperation, the authorities have called for the one monkey with the stealth skills necessary to bust him out: Pipo Snake. It’s a dangerous mission spanning 10 heavily guarded levels from Fort Banana to the Wild West. In true Metal Gear style, Pipo Snake must fight with bosses, rescue hostages, dodge guards, crawl under gaps, hang from ledges and, of course, hide under cardboard boxes.

Carrying weapons including a banana gun, pineapple grenades and melon bombs, Pipo Snake is armed with some of the world’s most fruity weapons to help him in his mission. But it’s not all covert operations and deadly assassins as Pipo also gets to check out sexy Ape posters when he is not engaged in battle. These chimps know how to have some fun, even in a war zone!

It’s a jungle out there, but this is one monkey who is ready for the challenge. Anything that stands in his way gets liquidised – into jungle juice!

Mesal Gear Solid is a game within a game and adds a whole new element to Ape Escape 3 – you’ll never look at a banana in the same way!

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