Monday, February 27, 2006

Will Microsoft never learn?

The BBC is reporting that Microsoft will bring out six different versions of thier new Windows operating system. Surely that is 5 more than is really needed? Have they been working on the 5 other versions and that is why it took so long to release?
There is still no date for the release of the 6 versions, but they say it should be out for Christmas this year. Isn't that 2 years after it was supposed to be out? At least we have time now to upgrade our PC's for the memory hungry system.

The six versions are:

  • Vista Business
  • Vista Enterprise
  • Vista Home Basic
  • Vista Home Premium
  • Vista Ultimate
  • Vista Starter

    Vista Business will be the basic version for companies of all sizes and includes tools that will help organisations manage their PCs.

    The Enterprise version of Vista will have all of the features in the basic version and add to them improved encryption including a BitLocker system that will stop confidential data being viewed if a computer is lost or stolen.

    The Home Basic version is intended for those who only want to use their PC to browse the net, use e-mail and create and edit basic documents. It will also include desktop search and security tools.

    Vista Home Premium includes everything in the Basic version and adds the new graphical interface called Aero.

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