Monday, February 20, 2006

Clever Idea from Apple, again

Apple IMC Southern Africa today announced a new campaign that offers customers that buy a new Apple computer up to R3000 cash back if they trade in their old computer, irrespective of whether it is an old PC or Mac.

The cash back depends on the new machine that the customer wants to acquire. Towards a Mac mini the customer would get a rebate of up to R750, for an iBook also up to R750, for an iMac up to R1000, for a PowerBook up to R2500 and for a Power Mac up to R3000. The only requirement is that when trading in a PC the machine needs to have at least a Pentium® III processor.

“In addition to bringing in their old computer, the only other thing that people have to do is register their personal data and the details of the computer that they want to trade in online at, and we will send them a coupon via email, which they can then redeem towards a purchase at every participating reseller in the country”, said Greg Hill. “It is critical that interested customers get the coupon first so as to make sure they do get the rebate at the point of sale”.

Even people for whom it would be problematic to bring in their old computer to a reseller site can participate in this promotion. They are equally entitled to a rebate, albeit 75% of the regular one, by disclosing the make and model of their old computer on the registration site, and selecting ‘I want to keep it on the site’. They will also be sent a coupon, which they need to present at the point of sale when buying a new Mac; no old PC or Mac has to be brought into the store in this case.

The campaign ends on 31 March 2006.

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