Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Read this before you buy

So you have gone out and bought the iPod tie, you have warmed up your ears for the loud noise and you are about to go out and buy one of the many types of iPods on the market. WAIT!!!!

Please read this great review from Mygamer.com. This guy is trying to do more than the average Joe would normally but it is worth a read before you go out and spend your hard earned cash on a product that has many many different makers.

Here is a snipit,

This device lacks the most basic of all options for an Mp3 player. Not being able to go from PC to Mac, the inability to move songs from your iPod back to your HD, users are forced to used iTunes to manage every aspect of their iPods, iTunes has some of the most inconsistent and unforgivable options ever, you do not get the promised 30GB worth of storage space, and using a battery that can drain in mere hours is nothing short of unforgivable.

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