Friday, February 10, 2006

Comstor introduces Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter

The Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter gives any wired Ethernet-equipped game console wireless connection capabilities, either over an existing home network or by connecting two separate consoles together. With an existing home wireless network and a broadband or DSL Internet connection, the Game Adapter allows the connection of a PlayStation2, Xbox or GameCube to the your home network enabling access to online games without running wires to the game room. A pair of Game Adapters can also be used to form a wireless link between two game consoles, for head-to-head gaming – in the same room, or all the way across the house.

Louis Cloete, Linksys Product Manager at Comstor enthuses: “Home networking is not just for convenient Internet surfing and sharing printers anymore, its becoming a lifestyle enabler geared towards enhancing home entertainment. The Linksys Wireless Game Adapter is the ideal device to connect a PlayStation2, Xbox or GameCube to the Internet to play multi-player games, unleashing a new dimension on your old multi-player games.”

The Wireless-G Game Adapter is completely driver-free, so it works on any platform. As there are no drivers to load, setup is simple. In most cases, it works right out of the box! If your setup is a little different, just configure the network settings through your PC’s web browser; plug it into your game box and you are ready for hours of interactive gaming.

The Game Adapter provides lag-free gaming with communication speeds up to 54Mbps when connected to other Wireless-G devices. It can also connect to Wireless-B (802.11b) devices and networks at 11Mbps. In addition, the Game Adapter dynamically shifts channels and wireless networks based on signal strength and link quality for maximum availability and reliability of connection.

Cloete concludes, “With its compact form factor -160mm x 100mm x 36mm – and handy desktop stand, the Wireless-G Game Adapter is the ideal complement for the serious gamer’s existing setup.”

The recommended retail price is R954.00 excl. VAT.

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