Monday, February 27, 2006

MWEB Business make talk cheap

Following the recent launch of its ADSL VoIP offering, MWEB Business today announced the availability of OfficeCall PABX, a VoIP solution targeted at larger companies with existing PABX systems.

OfficeCall was launched in 2005 to provide businesses with substantial inter-branch call cost savings. MWEB Business has now extended the functionality of the offering to incorporate least cost routing (LCR), enabling businesses to save on all call types.

“OfficeCall PABX enables businesses to take advantage of cost savings across the board – from inter-branch calls, to international and cellular calls. As it integrates with existing PABX infrastructure, it negates investment in additional equipment or upgrades,” says Gary Hart, General Manager: Marketing and Products, MWEB Business.

With built-in LCR functionality, OfficeCall PABX promises significantly reduced call rates. Savings of up to 35% on local cellular calls, up to 12% on national calls and up to 60% on international calls are possible. In addition, inter-branch calls and calls between the MWEB Business VoIP community are free.

OfficeCall PABX is suited to companies with more than one branch, that have an existing data infrastructure and that wish to take advantage of the benefits of LCR. The product has been developed to ensure reliable voice communication, with all VoIP lines backed up to fixed lines. It furthermore utilises the latest security technologies to ensure that customers’ networks are secured, and is provided with 24-hour support and maintenance.

Pricing and availability

OfficeCall PABX is available in four variations; namely OfficeCall Two (two VoIP lines), OfficeCall Four (four VoIP lines), OfficeCall Eight (eight VoIP lines) and OfficeCall Sixteen (sixteen VoIP lines). A once-off set up fee of R2052-00 is payable, with monthly rental fees starting at R260-00.

Customers are invoiced monthly for all calls made on the MWEB Business VoIP network; and inter-branch calls are free.

For further information, contact MWEB Business on 0860 100 127 or visit

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