Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Honda Accord that'll drive you round the bend

Bleep bleep bleep! Science fiction alert! Be warned... you are entering the Twilight Zone now...

Step into the new Honda Accord ADAS launched recently by Honda UK, and you're in the hands of a caring robot. Yup... this car can drive itself on the hgihway, automatically adjusting speed when other cars are nearby, and steering itself around curves.

You literally take your hands off the wheel, and the car does the rest. But it beeps every ten seconds to make sure you're still paying attention, and you've got to give the steering wheel a brief touch just to reassure it that you aren't doing anything silly like taking a nap on the back seat.

The car uses radar-based cruise control to deal with acceleration and deceleration, and lane-assist technology to keep you on the right side of the road.

The Honda Accord ADAS goes on sale any day now, and Honda reckons that by 2016 all of their cars will have the system installed.

Source: Newsfactor.

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