Thursday, February 09, 2006

Give up REAL LIFE for a better crack at it in SECOND LIFE

Right. So you think you're alive?

Why don't you log onto SECOND LIFE, a new gaming universe with more than 100 000 online users, and book a consultation with cyber-fashion designer 'Janie Marlowe'?

According to WIRED NEWS, 'Janie Marlowe' is the online pseudonym of Jennifer Grinnell. Jennifer used to be a furniture delivery dsipatcher until she got hooked into the SECOND LIFE game universe. She soon found herself earning an income in the virtual world, and has now given up her job on earth, and earns four times what she used to earn, designing digital clothing or skins for avatars online.

Get a llife. A second one. Read the full story on WIRED NEWS.

Thanks to my buddy Zapruder for alerting me to the story.

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