Monday, February 13, 2006

Clockspeed introduced dating game on IM platform

Clockspeed, a mobile development company from Stellenbosch, will tomorrow launch “The Dating Game” on their instant messaging client, MXit.

Herman Heunis, Clockspeed CEO, says users will start the game with a very basic profile and evolve their characters through interaction with the game world elements and other MXit communicators.

Users will begin the game by entering their personal details. They will also be given points to assign to different aspects of their personality. Once this is done, users will begin the game, entering a virtual city, consisting of a mall, park, gym, hotel, club and restaurant.

By using products and visiting different locations, a user’s eligibility will be increased or decreased in relation to another user’s profile. The game’s objective is to meet and date as many people as possible and become the most eligible dater in the virtual city.

With regards to cost around the game, Meiring says users will be able to add a dating contact for free, but will have to use the MXit currency, Moola, to chat and buy items within the game.

Chatting in the data will cost two Moola (two cents) per message and items in the game will costs between one and three Moola. Moola is purchased from “JoeBanker” by sending a blank SMS to 34006 for R2/200 Moola or 36104 for R5/500 Moola, Meiring says.

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