Thursday, August 10, 2006

10 Years of Flash

Adobe is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Flash® technology, software that fundamentally changed the face of interactive design and rich content creation.

From Web sites and online applications to digital displays, user interfaces and mobile devices, Flash technology has enabled a decade of design innovation moving from static to truly engaging interactive content. Thanks to Flash, Web sites are now engaging, interactive, accessible experiences for a variety of industries including entertainment, consumer goods, government and education. First introduced in 1996, Flash originated as a revolutionary vector based animation tool providing an efficient method for creating moving graphics for Web sites.

At the time, Web sites were static, and had primitive means of engaging a viewer with basic mouse clicks and hyperlinks. Today, Flash is a complete multimedia development environment used to create everything from rich Internet applications to mobile device content.

Beyond a set of authoring tools, Flash has become a comprehensive ecosystem.

* Flash Player is the free client runtime installed on over 600 million Internet-connected PCs and mobile devices worldwide.
* Flash reaches millions more on mobile devices through FlashLite™ and FlashCast™ technology that allows brand name network operators and handset manufacturers to create differentiated customer experiences.
* For unmatched online video experiences, Flash video delivers customized, seamless video experiences to millions of users worldwide—overtaking Apple's QuickTime® and RealNetworks' RealPlayer® in the delivery of web-based streaming media traffic and growing faster than Windows Media® Player.

The Future is now

Flash is moving forward and continues to lead and inspire the future of interactive design, not just on the Web, but in mobile, video and beyond. With more than 1.5 million users worldwide developing rich interactive Web experiences, Flash continues to inspire a new generation of engaging interactive media.

In celebration, we’ve also launched a mircosite today that includes Flash video interviews with developers from around the world who have used Flash over the decade, an interactive timeline and other interesting factoids.
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