Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Touchline Media Mobizines GO MOBILE

Touchline Media, market leaders in the production of sports and healthy lifestyle publications, have gone mobile with mini magazines for your cell phone! Kick Off soccer magazine, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated and Shape Mobizines will be live on August 15.

Andrew Lanning, Head of New Media comments, “As the media landscape evolves given the fascinating use of remarkably fast changing technology, so does Touchline Media. Convergence, a brand new buzzword a mere few months back, is now almost a given as the various media platforms come together via the Internet, cell phones, notebooks, PDA’s, interactive TV, PVR’s and print. Throw in the fact that consumers, rather than content producers such as ourselves, make the call on how, when and where they would like to engage our content, and one has an inkling of the environment we find ourselves in. Mobizines are just one small step we are taking with a view to embracing this change.”

· What is a Mobizine?
Mobizines are wap free, quick, easy, low-cost and entertaining!
Mobizines are bite-sized magazines for your mobile phone that can be downloaded at any time and accessed immediately or saved for later; when you’re in the mood for an info snack. Mobizines are compressed so they can be quickly downloaded and do not take up much memory on your phone.

Once you’ve downloaded our Mobizine, we will alert you when the next edition is ready. Accept it and it automatically replaces the old edition. You can cancel a Mobizine at any time, and of course you can order as many as you want.

Most modern mobiles can get Mobizines – there are over 75 available now with more being added all the time. Get the full list of compatible models on our websites.

· So what can you expect from Touchline Mobizines?
Kick Off: Breaking News, results and logs, football trivia and a blog made up of best postings received via website, e-mail or SMS
Shape: Food (recipes and nutrition), get fit (including workouts), beauty tips and info, and relevant events
Sports Illustrated: Swimwear and Beauty of Sport babes, sports facts & trivia, and sports style
Men’s Health: Nutrition (including recipes), workouts, sex pics, tips, stories and general Men’s Health tips

· How to download Touchline Mobizines?
To get your favourite Mobizine, SMS the following codes to 36690:

Sports Illustrated - mobi si
Kick Off - mobi kickoff
Men’s Health - mobi mh
Shape - mobi shape

Initial SMS costs R5, then updates are free.

For more information about Touchline Mobizines, please head to:

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