Thursday, August 10, 2006

A plane crash site for disaster fetishists -- from Boing Boing

This one comes from Boing Boing, and seems pretty pertinent now that the world's airlines are under threat yet again. It's taken unedited from the Boing Boing site.
-- Note by Roy Blumenthal

Plane Crash Video Ubersite

By (Mark Frauenfelder) on Video

Mark Frauenfelder: steve ryan says:
Picture 1-18 As a result of constant, semi-religious immersion in the works of J. G. Ballard and the early acquisition of a pilot's license, I have been fascinated, nay, obsessed with plane crashes for many years. Iowa hotelier/pilot Jay Honeck has built one of the freshest and best plane crash video repositories on the Web. Pilots worldwide vie to send him unusual and awful aviation accident vids.

Some people -- like the notorious Crashman and his Crash Groupies -- now take this questionable obsession to the next level and make music vids out of the oddly hypnotic crashes. Examples: YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME and HEAD OVER HEELS.


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