Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lenovo Celebrates 25th Anniversary of PC

Lenovo, the world's #3 PC vendor and the company that ‘picked up the baton’ from IBM in the development and marketing of the personal computing business less than 18 months ago, is this year celebrating the 25th anniversary of the PC.

It's hard for many to accept that a quarter of a century - ancient history in IT terms - has passed since the first PC was launched. The world's first PC weighed a hefty 25 pounds and stood just under six inches high, but on 12 August 1981, the IBM Personal Computer arrived on the world stage to a great accolade, fast becoming a big hitting industry standard business machine. Only three years later, in 1984, a group of 11 computer scientists had a vision: to create a company that would bring the advantages of personal computing to business leaders worldwide. Legend, now Lenovo, was born.

The Lenovo of today, formed by the merger between the Lenovo Group and IBM's personal computing division, is that innovative, international technology company that it strived to be 25 years ago. With more than 2,000 patents, several ‘industry firsts’, over 1,700 engineers entirely dedicated to research and development across three innovation centres in Japan, China and the US, Lenovo is the best choice for customers who demand the increased productivity delivered by real innovation.

For most 25 year-olds, the growth spurt years are behind them as they begin to reach (and in some cases surpass) their peak. However, the ‘twenty-something’ PC is far from slowing down. Lenovo believes that the PC as we know it today is a vibrant, continuously-evolving machine that eats technology innovations and is ever hungry for more. The PC is a springboard for business users, dictating the future of collaboration and communication and a faster, more integrated, efficient, collaborative and seamless working environment for its users. The PC is evolving at the speed of knots and Lenovo is running with it, investing in research and development and technology innovation.

Most recently, Lenovo's ThinkPad and 3000 product lines are testament to this commitment.

"The next 25 years of the Lenovo PC will have many surprises in store for us and our customers,” says Rashid Wally, Country General Manager, Lenovo South Africa. "Nowadays, thanks to wireless networking, ubiquitous computing is a fact; security in notebooks is foremost with digital fingerprints, and form-factors are becoming smaller by the day. The PC we see today is one that will truly help the world come closer together. Lenovo is highly committed to the future of the PC and to bringing its best-of-breed technologies to business users across the globe.”

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