Friday, August 04, 2006

Nokia N93 Improves Your Swing

You can't get it here yet as the phone is only being launched next week but this looks like a great idea. What are phones going to be doing in 3 years from now???

Nokia in the USA, today announced the availability of the Nokia N93 Golf Edition, a special package combining mobile video capabilities of the Nokia N93 multimedia computer with a unique golf application that enables you to capture your golf swing, analyze and improve your game by split screen swing comparison and other advanced analysis tools. link

Amazing! What would they think of next, what about a tennis coaching toaster? The option of either sending tennis balls down the line or having your bread slightly toasted to burnt, PATENT DIBS! No but seriously, what a great tool to help with your golf game, really keen to see how and if it really works.

- Nokia N93 Golf Edition Improves Your Golf Game

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