Monday, March 06, 2006

Playstation 3

It's easy to understand why many gamers still don't know what to make of the PlayStation 3. To this day, Sony still swears up and down that the PS3 will be released this spring, and yet here we are in March, and much about Sony's next-generation console remains a mystery. What will the system cost? How powerful will it be? What kind of online structure will it have? Some of the answers are still elusive, but little by little the picture is becoming clearer, and as the console's release approaches, it seems like a good time to regroup and look over what we know, what we can speculate, and what we can only guess about the PlayStation 3.

What follows is a summary of everything we know about Sony's machine, and our best guess at what we can expect to hear more about later this year.

More with plenty details on the world's most wanted toy from the guys at

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