Friday, March 31, 2006

Is Eskom pulling wool blankets over SA's eyes?

In an article in the Cape Times dated 6/3/2006 Eskom offers as energy-saving measures to supply "five million energy-saving lights, low-flow shower head and geyser blankets to retailers at a subsidised price".

They'll say anything just not to recommend solar water heaters.

This approach is even more strange as DME, Eskom's 'bosses' are aware of the significant potential of solar water heating.

In a Cape Argus article a speaker from the Department of Minerals and Energy's renewable energy branch was quoted as saying that fitting solar geysers to all commercial buildings and homes would save eight percent (8%!) of South Africa's total energy consumption.

South Africa must accept the reality that waiting for Eskom to lead the country out of the coal era would be a bumpy road. Eskom is in the business of selling electricity and could not be expected to promote competition.

Government should take the responsibility to inform the public about the true value of solar water heating and other forms of renewable energy options. Then the government should implement its policies of encouraging the public to switch to renewable technologies for the benefit of the individual homeowner and the country as a whole.

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