Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nokia N70

I love the Nokia N70. After bad reviews, by this writer, of the Nokia N90, the company have done themselves proud with the N70. I still have no idea what Nokia were thinking when it came to the N90 but all of those problems have been solved in the N70. It is small, lightweight, comfortable and it is 3G!

Of all the features on the phone, the 3G wins it for me. Cameras are a dime a dozen these days but the 3G wins every time.

The music features are great and, if you have a big enough memory card, the stereo headset works very well to keep your tunes coming all day. It's not an iPod, but can can your iPod make calls? With 3G?

The phone also has a radio which Nokia dropped a while ago and have revived with thier new visual radio feature. We can't use it in SA yet but you can if you are reading this in the UK or USA or another real 1st world country.

The N70 has 3D games, did I mention it has 3G? Ski boarding and a new take on Snakes are on the phone but downloads are easy, I just couldn't get the downloads to work on my phone, but it isn't the phone's fault.

Short review, but check out some piictures from the phone here.

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