Wednesday, March 29, 2006

LG introduces fingerprint security with Express Dual Series notebooks

Global and regional digital leader LG Electronics has launched biometric notebook computers using advanced fingerprint sensors from AuthenTec, the world leader in fingerprint sensor security. LG has selected AuthenTec's EntréPad 2501A sensor for its M1, P1, S1 and the Red dot Award-winning T1 EXPRESS DUAL notebook models.

The EntréPad sensor supports LG's total security solution for its new range of notebook computers.
A fingerprint sensor replaces the need for passwords and PIN numbers. It allows only authorised users to access information stored on the computer by simply sliding their finger across the sensor surface. The fingerprint reader can also be used to encrypt files and folders for an additional layer of security. The biometric scanner also reduces the risk of fraud or identity theft.

"Biometrics is moving quickly from fiction to reality and is being widely incorporated in many electronic devices," says Shaun Michell, IT National Sales Manager, LG Electronics South Africa. "It is considered a reliable solution for protecting the user's identity as it recognises a unique and unalterable feature. By adopting world class technology, we will accelerate our product leadership and introduce products that serve genuine and relevant customer needs."

LG's Express Dual notebook uses AuthenTec's award winning TruePrint technology, the only 'sub-surface' based solution on the market today. TruePrint-based sensors read fingerprints even below the skin's surface and are less affected by common skin complaints that can impair the ability of other sensors to take accurate fingerprint images. AuthenTec has been voted the number one company for fingerprint biometric solutions for three years in a row by international industry analysis and consulting company Frost & Sullivan.

Michell added: "Notebooks with biometric functions are not widely accepted because of the frequent failure of the technology to recognise the user's fingerprint. But it is set to become the preferred method of identification, and it is perfect for those who tend to forget their PIN's and passwords."

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