Friday, March 10, 2006

The Origami tale unfolds -- Microsoft's Ultra-Mobile PC revolution

Pic: Origami creator, Otto Berkes

Microsoft has just revealed details of its new gadget, the Origami. It's what Microsoft is calling an ultra-mobile pc, that operates entirely with a touchscreen. It's a fully-fledged computer, running Windows XP Tablet Edition, with superb handwriting recognition.

The machines will be able to run any of the normal software you know and love, including the life-changing MS OneNote. (Thanks Chris Pratley and team!)

The touchscreen responds to any kind of stylus, including your fingernail, which makes it very different from most of the tablet pcs on the market today (those all require special electronic stylusses). The screen on these babies is a 7", full-colour, 800x480px wunderkind. The machine weighs in at around a kilogram, and you can pretty much just chuck it in whatever bag you like. (Unlike a palmtop, it's not quite small enough to fit in a standard pocket.)

Though it doesn't have a built-in keyboard, you'll be able to use the bluetooth and wifi capabilities to link to one. Pop out the little stand, and the machine stands to attention, ready for you to treat it as if it were a standard desktop device.

Various companies will be manufacturing the units, including Samsung and`Asus

You can take a look at a video shot by the Microsoft Blogger, Robert Scoble.

I'm already a die-hard fan of the tablet pc, and own a Toshiba Tecra M4. But I've GOT to have an Origami. Gimmmmmmmmmmme one right now! (Robert Scoble, please take note!)

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