Monday, March 27, 2006

Everything a small business PC should be

HP has announced the HP dx5150, a strong, reliable, everyday small-business PC offering exceptional expandability and flexibility.

Fast and versatile, the HP dx5150 is coupled with the futureproofing and hardware-based virus protection that the AMD Athlon 64 platform offers.
“Delivering increased performance and investment protection by supporting 64-bit processors, this machine can be designed to suit the specific needs of any small business, with the flexibility to choose between a range of configurations and processor speeds,” says Nadia Hufkie, HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG) desktop product manager.
The HP dx5150 includes the latest AMD Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) technology that works with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 to protect against viruses. Other security features available include a hood cover security loop with optional cable and lock, and a Kensington cable lock slot. An integrated RAID controller provides hassle-free automated back-up and recovery, minimising the impact of hard disk failure.
“The HP dx5150 is also whisper quiet, something for businesses to consider in a service center or other noise-sensitive environments,” says Hufkie.
It comes standard with award-winning AMD Athlon 64 and Sempron processors, an ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 chipset and ATI RADEON 9600 Integrated Graphics, delivering outstanding quality and performance as well as increased productivity through standard dual-display support. It also provides advanced features including the AMD AthlonTM 64 processor 3000+, 40 GB hard drive, 512MB Synch DRAM, 48X CDROM and Windows XP Pro Operating System.
Coupled with support for the new Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition 64-bit operating system, dual-channel DDR400 memory, high-performance serial ATA hard drives, and an x16 PCI-Express slot, the HP dx5150 is ready to handle all business applications. The system also features AMD’s Cool ‘n Quiet technology, which reduces processor power consumption and fan noise.
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