Thursday, June 15, 2006

The PocketMod -- the free, disposable personal organiser

I'm a total sucker for useful gadgetry, especially when it involves paper-folding.

The PocketMod is housed on a website that allows you to use a single sheet of A4 to make a thoroughly useful and useable personal organiser. (Naturally, this is for people who are particularly keen on using paper instead of electronic diaries.)

When you head to the site, you get to custom-design your own organiser, suited to your particular needs. It's a drag and drop site, using Flash as its backbone. So you'll need to have a Flash Player plugin installed. (It'll help you install one if you don't have one.)

The best thing about this little 'booklet' for me is that the centre pages have a little 'pocket' for you to store parking tickets and stuff like that. Beautiful use of high-tech for low-tech ends.

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