Thursday, June 22, 2006

iBurst have a new Toy

iBurst subscribers are now able to connect to wireless broadband in retro speedster style after the operator launched its new dashboard. The dashboard is the software interface subscribers use to connect to the iBurst network.

"The racing car theme reflects the maximum iBurst download speed of 1Mbps that subscribers regularly experience," said
Thami Mtshali, iBurst CEO

The dashboard also provides subscribers with shortcuts to frequently-used applications and websites. Shortcut buttons include "Launch Internet Browser", "Launch iBurst Website", "iBurst Webmail", "Purchase Additional Bandwidth", "New Email" and "Additional ISP Services" like domain hosting and additional mailboxes.

The dashboard experience centres around three primary gauges using the kind of needles commonly found on motor car dashboards to indicate download speed, upload speed and signal strength. "Because iBurst is a transparent company we've made it easy for subscribers to control their broadband costs by effectively monitoring their total, current and previous data usage," said Mtshali.

Mtshali noted that iBurst subscribers are able to determine connection speeds available to them by performing a quick network speed test at

iBurst provides high-speed wireless broadband Internet access so reliable that some users have been connected continuously for over six months.

For further information regarding iBurst and its range of value-added services, the company's call centre can be reached 24 hours a day either via telephone (0860 IBURST or 0860 927 4357) or email (

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